1. T

    06' E320 Dumb bi-xenons

    hello. 1st forum ever and 1st MB car brought in Sept 2015 with useless warranty from Mb indy in leicester. I also have issue's with injectors on this 101k E320cdi 2006 facelift avntgarde estate brought for £7500. 1/Since purchase ,the lights were very poor so issue raised with supplying garage...
  2. S

    W211 E320 CDI, Bi-Xenons, Leather Heated Memory seats, Through Loading.

    Wanted: Facelift (56 plate onwards) E320CDI. Ideally Black or grey saloon with: Bi-Xenons, Real Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Memory Package at least for the driver, Through Loading, and Parktronics at least for the rear. London - Cambridge corridor.
  3. A

    Bi-xenons & headlamp deflectors (driving in France)

    So the £5 deflectors you can grab on Amazon .. is there any special consideration with bi-xenons (eg. cause problems with self-levelling, etc.)? Or do they do the job just fine? What do you normally do when crossing the channel for a couple of weeks?
  4. H

    CLS dim bi-xenons

    :mad: I have factory fitted xenon's but am disappointed with their poor output. The MB dealer has installed new bulbs and had them aligned on a beam tester but they are still dimmer than standard halogen headlights. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. kalvin928

    bi-xenons tinting

    I have bi-xenon's on my car and was thinking of putting slight tint film on...good idea? I'm concerned that potential heat damage may occur and melt plastic? I understand people will have views on this.. i.e bit chavvy etc... but at the moment just testing the water... seen it on one E class and...
  6. C

    W203 Bi-Xenons no longer self levelling and too high

    Hi there, my factory-fit Bi-Xenon headlights have BOTH stopped auto-levelling at startup and are aiming too high, making me really popular with oncoming traffic :o They also appear to flicker (not on and off) but more as if they're bouncing at the top limit. I did have some recent work done on...
  7. S

    Having to bite the bullet with my bi-xenons

    Right my Xenon light on my driver’s side has been playing up for a while now, it seems to have an intermittent fault where the light occasionally doesn’t come on. I usually pop the hood up and give it a push and twist and hey presto it works. Now it doesn’t work at all? So if any of you lot have...
  8. Igurisu

    Retro fit Bi-Xenons

    If possible I would like to retro fit the Bi-Xenon lights to my CLK. I understand its not just the lights but also the sensors on the front and rear axles (I guess to detect ride height). Is this feasible at a reasonable cost or should I just stick with the standard lights?
  9. M

    Bi-Xenons adjustment

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the Forum but have been Merc driver for the past four years. Just changed my ML for a C350 CDI sports estate and love it. My only concern is that my Bi-Xenons seem too high - at least I seem to be getting flashed a lot, and my feeling is that the beam is a bit high. Has...
  10. J

    Bi-Xenons and driving in France

    Anyone else worked out what the score is with taking a car with Bi-Xenons to France as regards the spare bulb rules? Seems a bit excessive to carry all the kit when the bulbs are supposed to last forever.....................
  11. The Boss

    life expectancy and replacement costs on bi-xenons

    been looking at various cars at dealers recently, and today overheard a convo that some peeps next to us were complaining about one of their SL bi-xenons not working.. they were arguing about the cost.. what is the life expectancy of xenon bulbs.. and whats the replacement cost.. only from...
  12. S

    W245 B class Bi-xenons question- help please

    Does anyone know if all w245 bixenons are switchable from UK to Euro driving? In particular, would a continental light have the switch to convert to UK?? Many Thanks, Matt
  13. G


    Hi guys Sorry if this has been done before What is the difference between Xenon's and Bi-Xenons? Want to put a pair in my W203 Pre facelift but not too sure which ones to go for and would it cause the computer to go haywire?
  14. S

    Bi-xenons for B-class

    T/W245 B-class Bi-xenon headlamp units wanted, please. Many thanks, Matt
  15. S

    CL203 C-Coupe Bi-xenons

    Facelift bi:)-:)xenons wanted please. Thanks
  16. whitenemesis

    Bi-Xenons Fitted - Thanks Prestige Car Service (Black55)

    Just back from a busy day with Ollie (that's BlackC55, please could a mod edit the title, ty), fitting my new OEM Bi-xenons, plus auto-levelling. :D Fitting the loom for the sensors required the usual swathes of trim be removed plus out with the front SAM, battery and wipers. :crazy...
  17. c_200k

    bi-xenons projectors

    has anyone in the uk did a frosted headlight change to projector headlight for the use with HID's for the c class w203 if so can anyone tell me where in the uk supplies them and how much the dealer wants along the lines of £500-600 EACH:eek: cheers
  18. B

    W203 Sedan Coupe Bi-Xenons

    Hello All, I recently bought some Bi-Xenons for my W203 Coupe, only to find I had got sedan headlights, not the required Coupe parts - A real shame as it appears that there is only one mounting that is offset by 1inch differnce between the two units. If anyone is intrested I've listed them on...
  19. M

    W208 Bi-Xenons?

    Do they exist? Can you get them with the clear glass as opposed to frosted? How can I tell what lights are fitted to my W208 CLK55? They run on high voltage so assume they are xenons? Mac.
  20. W

    W203 - Front Indicator Lamps in Bi-Xenons

    Has anyone changed the orange lamps in their Bi-Xenons to silver ones? If so do they work as well and how much am i likely to pay for a pair?
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