1. D

    What on earth is that? Bizarre ...

    Strangest mod ever and yes. That's 10k. Customised 320 Mercedes CLK Elegance | eBay
  2. E

    Bizarre Youtube Vids

    Google Swedish Dynamite Channel. Go on, I dare you... In God's name, WHY??????
  3. A

    Bizarre damage

    Just gave my car a quick wash after a round trip to Newcastle (300 mile) and spotted this? Looks like damage from a wheel brace? Only had the car back since last Thursday. As MB has had my car in for a problem with overheating. When I picked up and spoke to the guy with all the paper work...
  4. M

    bizarre key fob problem

    Good Morning all Well this is weird, both key fobs on my w203 don't want to work in the mornings, it can take anything up to 10 mins to get into my car. But during the day it works perfectly ? Have changed the batteries in both fobs so its not that. Car starts and runs just fine its just getting...
  5. S

    Bizarre Boot Problem ML

    Afternoon all, I wonder if i can throw it out there for discussion, purely as its driving me insane. Last week my wife's ML (2006) developed a fault on the rear tailgate, it went into a Mercedes specialist who diagnosed a knackered SAM unit (they have full dealer diagnostics). On...
  6. 6

    Malicious damage - bizarre incident this afternoon

    Wife came back from shopping, Noticed driver's side wiper was off the screen. She thought someone had stolen or attempted to steal the wipers. Car had been parked in a leafy Surrey residential road. I took a look and found the wiper arm had been bent back. On closer inspection I saw there was a...
  7. AnimMerc

    Bizarre Mercedes E63 Ad.

    Mercedes-Benz SOUND WITH POWER - Official new E63 AMG TV advert - YouTube
  8. MB-BTurbo

    Insurance is bizarre

    I am with quote me happy and have been running through some quotes for updating my policy to include mods. Here are the premiums they quote. Rear spoiler, front and rear lower spoiler, uprated badge, tinted windows, all = £0 increase. Uprated windscreen wipers (whatever they are) = £5.25...
  9. Danny DeVito

    A Bizarre USB Problem

    Asus p4p800se mb Vista Home Premium O2 mobile broadband E1752C Broadband worked fine. Then the signal got gradually worse. While moving the usb stick to different ports etc something happened. I made a y cable using two certified hispeed cables, to add more power for the device. The stick works...
  10. Mactech

    Most Bizarre Christmas?

    I hope you all had a decent Christmas and can look forward to a Happy New Year.:D Mine was fine, good to have a house full of ten over the festive season…but even nicer to see them all go safely earlier today! Some have not been so lucky. My best mate and family were one of those who were...
  11. gbjeppm

    Bizarre Speed Restrictions on the M25

    Has anybody else noticed this before. I was driving anti-clockwise around the M25 at about 6:30 pm the other night, and was just approaching the M3 at Junction 12. The overhead gantrys were showing speed restrictions of 40, 40 and 60 from left to right.:eek: I did not think that the system...
  12. T

    Bizarre noise from dash

    I seem to be getting a strange clicking/banging noise coming from somewhere within the dash. It only happens when I first start and it does this about 6 times with a couple of seconds delay between each one and then stops. There is no malfunctions on the computer and the car seems to work...
  13. wobbly

    Bizarre description for a SL.

    What a bizarre description for the car. I didnt understand a lot of it. Also the hardtop is for sale by separate negotiation.
  14. pammy

    Bizarre Complaints...

    ...own up, are any of you guilty?.. It would seem, at least according to Thomas Cook, that some holiday-makers are just never satisfied! Here are the top ten most bizarre customer complaints received by the firm in recent years: 1 - On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that...
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