1. M

    BlackBerry dtek60, Android.

    BlackBerry dtek60 Only used for a short time. No marks or scratches Great phone, running the latest Android OS £300. PM me for more details Thanks
  2. M

    Blackberry PRIV

    For sale, Blackberry PRIV, Unlocked to any network Like new, not a Mark or scratch on it. 32GB with a micro SD card included Fully boxed £300 free postage PM me for more information
  3. M

    Blackberry Passport, silver edition

    For Sale Unwanted gift, Blackberry Passport, silver edition, Unlocked to any network Only used for a few hours over the last few weeks Very strong well made device PM me if interested
  4. B

    Upgraded Blackberry 10 software stopping bluetooth reading of sms

    Had this problem over the last few days. Audio 20 says new sms but when you click on it it says no text messages. Anyone else had this or found a solution (and don't say get rid of the blackberry)
  5. M

    Blackberry and media interface/COMAND

    Hi. Is there a way other than Bluetooth to connect a blackberry to the media interface in order to make and receive calls. I have a USB connection in the car - will this work if I get the correct cable ? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I just have not connected a blackberry in a car before...
  6. P

    SAP V2 works well with Blackberry Q10

    Thought I might have made mistake getting a V2 SAP module. Seems that rSAP in the latest blackberrys is compatible with the V2 modules. Thought I would pass on. Using a NTG 4 COMAND unit. Might be asking why? 1. Minimal Battery drain 2. Utilises the external car aerial 3. Allows SMS...
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    FS: Genuine Mercedes Blackberry Case / Wallet - New & Unused

    BRAND NEW and UNUSED I bought this case a while back from Mercedes-Benz of Bristol. It's completely unused and still in it's original packaging. The case is brown leather with a cream (nappa) leather interior - it has two credit card sized slots and a further slot for notes. I'm open to...
  8. I

    Live Traffic over Bluetooth with Blackberry 9320

    I'm trying to get Live Traffic working, car is E300 Hybrid delivered Oct 2013 so has the latest Comand Online. DUN over Bluetooth is enabled and it pairs with MB Bluetooth, access to phone and address book work fine. When I look at the properties of "MB Bluetooth" on the Blackberry is only lists...
  9. B

    Blackberry Z10

    Anyone got the Blackberry Z10 and Bluetooth paired it with your MB? Ian
  10. zubear

    blackberry 9300 phone and charger £65 only on tmob

    Blackberry 9300 for sale phone and charger £65 quick sale it only on t-mob and can easily be unlocked for £5 just do not have the time to get it done. the phone works fine but the case my need to be changed as general wear and tear. If anyone interested I can supply pictures.
  11. Gh3382

    Blackberry 9300 cradle UHI fitting. W209

    can anyone tell me what cradle will work with this phone I emailed comand online who said they did not do a cradle for this phone. The phone is a updated 8520 curve. Does any of the curve cradles work ? any help appreciated. GH3382
  12. C

    BlackBerry and comand

    Hi all, I got my new co W212 this week and it's a great car. I specced comand online and did the research to check compatibility with my BlackBerry 9800. The phone connects fine, address book, texts, all good. However, when I try to go online with comand it says my phone does not...
  13. M

    for sale Mercedes Mobile-phone Cradle for BlackBerry Curve 8900 [A2048204551]

    Folks, I have the above detailed unit up for sale on Ebay, link detailed below; Ebay item No. 230779113794 refers. Cheers Martin
  14. ghummy

    Iphone 4 vs Blackberry 9900

    hi people, i just wanted to guage peoples thoughs on the Iphone 4 vs the blackberry 9900. i currently own an iphone 4 and thinking of getting rid and getting a blackberry 9900. i was never actually a fan of BB however got the other half one the other day, (not a 9900) and i really took a shine...
  15. Tan


    Hi I have just got the new Blackberry Bold 9790 as my new work phone, but have now been told by one of the engineers that we don't have a BES as most staff have iPhones or Windows mobiles. I know that I can get BIS, which will give me over the air sync of email, but ideally I would like...
  16. D

    Blackberry Playbook experience, anyone?

    Has anyone had long-term experience of the Blackberry Playbook? With the new OS just out offering proper e-mail and a £169 price tag, it is looking a suitable buy for my purposes. We (well my wife has done some commandeering) already have an iPad 1 but I would prefer something that is cheaper...
  17. h17n dj

    BlackBerry 9900

    For sale I have a BlackBerry 9900. It is boxed and only used for a few days. it was an upgrade but i prefer my old phone so this is surplus so selling it. it is boxed and has everything with it... If anymore info require get in contact.... looking for offers in the region of £350
  18. S

    Best Blackberry?

    I like phones with buttons and my present phone is well old!! I've been looking at the B/berry torch 9800 because that has a touch screen also. I have now come across lots of other models, I want internet access, a good camera/video. To be honest I will not use internet services that much but...
  19. LTD

    Does anybody have a Blackberry phone they don't use ?

    Junior SWMBO has a Blackberry 8520 that now resembles something out of the Terminator movies. The casing is in bits and the keypad is devoid of a few keys. The downside is that her contract runs for another 6 months making buying a new replacement a bit pointless. Has anybody got an unloved...
  20. zubear

    Blackberry bold 9700 unlocked

    Selling my Blackberry bold 9700 which is listed here eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
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