1. ItalianTuneUp

    Tony Blackburn to sue BBC

    Tony Blackburn: I've been 'hung out to dry' by BBC Tony Blackburn has said the BBC "hung me out to dry" over the Jimmy Savile inquiry and he will sue the corporation where he worked for nearly 50 years.
  2. R

    Specialist around blackburn, Lancashire Area?

    Hi All, A damn lorry dropped something on the M6 (jct 29) yesterday and I ran over it - didn't see it enough time. Merc have said fortunately sump is OK, but power steering fluid as leaked, and there is also some suspension damage, so need a good independent merc specialist around...
  3. c180081c

    Good Local Garage Near Blackburn? Help

    Hi guys, Just bought a w203 c class 2004, Picked the car up at a decent price and its got a warranty, the indicator stalk is not working correctly and so they have agreed to replace it however they want me to book it in at a local garage and they will send the part, I am limited to...
  4. J

    Westwood Blackburn

    Anyone had any experience good or bad, using Westwood Mercedes Benz in Blackburn, for repairs servicing etc, as i am looking for a reliable and friendly company to give my hard earned money to. jac
  5. E

    Blackburn Lancs

    Alan Price in Blackburn. For Mercs Beemers and Porche. He drives a classic Merc himself with over 500K on the clock!!
  6. S

    Westwoods in Blackburn and LPG Refusal to look at vehicles

    Currently being resolved.
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