1. hamantjakhu

    W205 BlackVue PowerMagic Pro Hardwire Install

    How to: Hardwire Install for a BlackVue 2 channel (front & rear dash cam) with Power Magic Pro in a Mercedes C Class W205 Time taken: 1 hour being conservative, maximum will be 2 hours Tools required: BlackVue dash-cam kit Power Magic Pro Kit Trim removal tool (one comes with the BlackVue...
  2. J

    Blackvue DR650GW Dashcam + Power Magic Pro Install question

    Deliberated over which Dashcam to get for a while and eventually decided the Blackvue looks best, so picked one up last week. I'm going to install it this weekend, and the power magic pro just piggy back's on to a couple of fuses in the box. I've found an installation guide online for a new C...
  3. S

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cam on C W205 2014

    Hi guys, just done an installation hard wired all perfectly functions if anyone interested I can share some pics and explain where to hard wire, you would require to use power magic pro - but don't leave it on when car is switched off it will cutoff when battery below 12v but this directly...
  4. alzieboy

    For Sale Blackvue DR3500-FHD BNIB

    I have for Sale BNIB Blackvue DR3500 FHD with 16 GB micro sd card with the latest software on , You need to download the English Manual from Blackvue .com , Its complete and has never been fitted, Bought for me by my Wife who is now not talking to me :p £110 incl P&P .BT or Paypal Gift . or...
  5. J

    Blackvue DR380G-HD installed!

    These cameras seem to be more mainstream now and a recent "incident" I had the other month pushed me into getting one. As I approached some lights, the road branches out to two lanes although only enough room for 2 vehicles in the right hand lane. The lights were on red but as there were 3...
  6. W

    Installing Blackvue DRG400HD Screen Camera

    A few weeks ago I had my O/S mirror clobbered on a country lane by someone not understanding where the edge of the road was (my wheels were running on the edge of the tarmac - I could feel it). Plenty of room for 2 cars who get close to the kerb but she was 3 feet out from the kerb. Anyway, no...
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