1. A

    W176 back wiper blade

    Does anyone know the part number for the back blade on an A Class w176. Mine has got the Batman signal look:D Search ebay and can't source one
  2. mpc

    C250 W204 Wiper Blade Question

    Is there any significance to the coloured dots on the wipers of my C250 W204 estate?
  3. Red C220

    Blade Runner 2049

    I had absolutely no idea a sequel had been made to this film, I stumbled across this today, it looks awesome. I just hope it does the original justice. GDscTTE-P-k
  4. T

    W201 190E single wiper blade

    Hi So if I want to clean my newly acquired 190 how do I lift the single wiper? Will it just simply stand up to the 90 degree position like coventional wipers do from the base, or is there a certain way to move the wiper off of the windscreen? Thank you Tom
  5. M

    Advice on blade for a spare key

    Hello We are going to pick up a W216 CL600 later today. The car originally only had one key so we asked the trader seller to get a spare key. The remote has come but he has to pick up the blade and will then send to me. Question: How much does a blade for the key typically ost and how...
  6. grober

    Tonight Blade Runner 10.45pm BBC2

    Blade Runner the final cut tonight at 10.45 BBC 2 If you haven't seen one of best movies of the 2nd half of the 20th century watch it or at the very least record it. Film Noir, Detective thriller, Dystopian Science fiction its all those but greater than the sum of its parts. Harrison Ford is...
  7. reflexboy

    Wiper Blade Part Number

    I'm trying to get some new wiper blades online for my car. On Ebay I get several differing genuine part numbers. Is there a way I can find out the correct part number via my VIN?
  8. S

    HELP-Dead Battery - Blade key doesnt work - Locked out W208 CLK

    Hello, After being away with work, the car has sat under snow & subjected to a cold climate for some time. The battery is dead, (ive checked the keyfob) and the blade key doesnt work on the drivers door or the boot. Ive read techniques on how to open the boot using the blade key, they arent...
  9. cws196

    W203 estate rear wiper blade replacement

    Need to fit a new rear wiper blade but unsure on what to go for... Measured the blade and it's 15 1/2 inches, however, Bosch don't appear to sell them aftermarket (that I can find). How much are OE blades from Mercedes? And has anyone used a retro-fit type aero wiper? Thanks-in-advance
  10. Spinal

    S320 Wiper Blade Length

    A query... During the last rally, some jovial participant stole one of the wipers off the S-class. It's an old car (P-reg) - but I need it for the next rally as we are re-entering with the same vehicle. I'm getting around to getting it MOT'ed, but need a blade. ECP suggests a 28" blade...
  11. bpsorrel

    Key blade cut?

    Does anyone know a good place (apart from a dealer) to get a new key blade cut? I managed to twist mine attempting to open my boot!! :D Boot opned buy key damaged....
  12. knight4728

    Which wiper blade?

    My front wiper blade on my CLK Cab 208 needs replacing. I've seen a Bosch one on eBay for just £12. Anyone know if this will be ok or is it best to go to MB dealer, not sure how much they are yet there.
  13. mark_le_b

    W210 Key (blade) not working

    Apologies if this is posted in wrong section! I recently had an issue with flat battery, but key blade wouldn't open the drivers door. Had to resort to professional breaker to get into car to get to battery. The blade has worked previously as not first time I've had a flat (car is parked...
  14. cooks

    Key blade w124

    Hi,can i get a key blade cut for my w124 and use it to start the motor with,or has it got some kind of code on it...:dk:
  15. cooks

    Key blade

    hi guys can someone tell me were i can get my KEY BLADE cut,for my W124, THANX
  16. bh13coupe

    w124 wiper blade will not reset to start position

    Guys Had some work done on my w124 coupe, the wiper mechanisim did come out and has now been but back in. The problem I have now is when on Intermittent mode, this wont wipe in one go, the blade stop starts in a jerky fashion as if it doesnt know where it needs to stop. Also when turning off...
  17. A

    Wiper blade size for E211 E class? anyone know

    Hello About to order some tyres off Camskills for my wifes car and noticed they do Bosh wipers. I need some fore mine, does anyone happen to know the sizes of them (front only) I'm not in the car so don't have access to the handbook Thanks
  18. C

    95 e-lass > replacement key blade (without FOB!)

    Guys, Need a key, but one without a fob. I have disabled my original alarm and wondered if i could just buy a blank key? Any ideas? Mercedes Blank Uncut Key | eBay Id rather one which is just the key blade with a small grip..
  19. chubbs111

    ref wiper blade

    hi guys ive just been to but a flat wiper blade for my 97 w202 and the guy in the shop said i need a conversion kit because merc blades are a different fitting to all other cars is this correct or just a scam to get more money
  20. gina2201

    W202 Wiper blade sizes

    I am just about to order some new wiper blades for the front and rear screen and I felt I might as well replace the headlight blades also. Windscreen; 24 inch Rear screen; 16 inch Headlights; ??? Can someone confirm the headlight wiper blade size? For the life of me using google, or...
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