1. Stratman

    Aero wiper blades: which way up?

    I bought some replacement aero blades and noticed they're the 'other way up' compared to those I got from MB, in that the spoiler lip projection on the replacements is on the top whereas those from MB is at the bottom. Which is correct?
  2. S

    Juddering wiper blades

    Anyone tell me how to cure juddering wiper blades on 2007 c220 w204 they are very very annoying indeed... I have new bosch blades fitted so not cheapo rubbish... The drivers side mainly flops around and causes the most noise Thanks
  3. B

    E320 wiper blades

    Where is the best place to buy decent quality wiper blades for a 2005 E320 ?
  4. clk320x

    CLK Wiper Blades

    Anyone know the rough cost for some wiper blades for a W209 ? OEM :) Cheers
  5. T

    V slot wiper blades.

    Hi, can anyone please tell me how to change the wiper blades on my 2006 c220cdi? They are the v slot fitting type, thank you.
  6. alzieboy

    MB Wiper Blades

    Just had a call from Dealership where my car is in for a B service, informed me I require new Wiper Blades as the little dot( wear indicators )on the Blades has turned Yellow . informed them they are only 3 months old, purchased from their parts dept so shouldn't require replacing yet as they...
  7. R

    W211 wiper blades 2008

    Hi all I'm looking for a set of front wiper blades they are £30 from europarts for valeo. Is that about the right price please
  8. geek

    W205 saloon wiper blades

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get W205 wiper blades please. (other than MB main dealer) I have tried halfords and a couple of local car parts places. TIA
  9. Myclk55amg

    Aero blades

    What's you guys opinion aero wiper blades are they any better than the traditional wiper blades?
  10. Abcan

    S212 wiper blades Part number

    Hi Does anyone know the correct part number for both from wiper blades on a 2012 S212? The part number on the current ones is A2128201345. Thanks Alex
  11. J

    CL500 Wiper Blades

    I'm looking to change the wiper blades on my C216 CL500. Previously I have used the Valeo blades which have worked really well and near silently on my past BMWs but I can only find a Bosch pair for the CL. Has anyone tried these or do you recommend any other brands (and where to buy!)?
  12. Max Shine

    Noisy/juddering wiper blades

    I have a 2012 E220 and have recently replaced the wiper blades with a front pair Bosch A939S. These are the second pair of the same wipers I have put on as the same happened with the first set (thought it was just a duff set). They are noisy, they judder and are just horrible. If I squirt the...
  13. Fudger

    Purchased wrong wiper blades

    Chaps, bought some Bosch blades A939S as that was what popped up on Europarts and Halfords, when I put in my registration. However, they are 'side fitting' whereas mine are 'slide in' type. Any idea where I went wrong or what Bosch number I should have bought? Car is a 2015 E63 Estate...
  14. steve333

    Wiper blades

    Hi all,wiper blades on my c300h are juddering,cars only 6 months old so I'm sure they're not worn out,any ideas?
  15. P

    W 204 wiper blades

    Bought some genuine Mercedes wiper blades via Ebay from a Mercedes Benz Garage Dealer, found when fitted they were slightly loose on the arm fitting and thus a little rattling and noisy, when compared to the original 2012 blades on my car ,the central connection fitting is slightly not...
  16. P

    w204 windscreen wipers blades

    I have a 2012 C Class W204 c180CGI Blue efficiency petrol saloon, bought 2 months ago from Mercedes dealer, found that when i put my foot down on the accelerator i would jump suddenly to high speed with a jolt, according to Mercedes the 7 speed gearbox needs the oil changing at 70k or 5 years...
  17. G

    Wiper Blades

    Hi chaps...... What do we think of -->> 2 x Acquamax Front Windscreen Window Wiper Blades for Mercedes C-Class 07-14 at £14.99 post free. off fleabay. :)
  18. B

    New Wiper Blades

    May help someone? Found on Groupon Mercedes Free Vehicle Spring Healthcheck, Free Wiperblade Replacement, and Free Wash & Vac - Hot UK Deals
  19. brucemillar

    124 Headlight Wiper Blades

    Folks Can anybody tell me please if I need to buy the Headlight Wiper Blades that are advertised for a Mercedes 124? On ebay etc they are rather expensive. I notice that Volvo ones, or indeed any other car make, are almost half the price. So could I fit Volvo Blades to a 124?
  20. P

    C Class wiper blades

    Hi everyone I've been buying a C200 kompressor but it could do with new wiper blades in my opinion, I was wondering if anyone has used Michelin stealth blades if so how did they perform thanks Paul
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