1. Godot

    The Hunt for Tony Blair

  2. Spinal

    Tony Blair is an actor

    So maybe they do have something going there... I guess that to be classified as an actor you need to be very good at pretending to be someone else... so maybe Blair would classify as an actor!
  3. glojo

    Tony Blair's new job

    I see our ex Prime Minister is mixed up in illegal activities. His latest profession would appear to be smuggling illegal immigrants into our country! As usual though he will blame everyone else and come out of it looking squeaky clean. :devil: John
  4. Satch

    Blair Legacy Tour kick off

    Rumour on the Political blogs has it that Blair is going to make a surprise visit to Ramallah on Sunday to appear as a peace-maker following his refusal to support a cease-fire initiative in Lebanon. :eek:
  5. Alfie

    Embarassing for Mr Blair!
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