1. K

    W211 E320cdi springs/shocks shot or blame the bad roads?

    Gentlemen, Took my E Class Estate four-up on a run yesterday and couldn't help but thinking that the ride had got firmer since I bought it 3 years ago. 149,000 miles and by the look of the full MB history it's never had any suspension needed. Tyres are all good and balanced. Should I...
  2. abecketts

    I blame E55BOF I bought an Alfa 166 3.0 unseen

    Sorry E55BOF but your influence is spreading :D One of our regular vineyard customers came in today to pick up his Christmas order every time I see him I ask how the Alfa 166 languishing on his drive is doing. This time he said it has to go by Christmas (eviction notice from the household...
  3. grober

    Automated vehicles --the blame game

    With test trials of fully automated vehicles ongoing at selected locations in the UK a programme on the radio today posed some interesting questions. In the event of an accident between two automated vehicles who is to blame? The vehicle manufacturer or the driver/owner/occupier. It was...
  4. M

    Not sure PSE Pump to blame but boot will not open at all.

    Good morning, Yesterday was a great day for to blast around with the top down. I took my SL (R230) for a run and parked up at a hotel. When I went to lock the car not much happened so I had to manually lock it. Unfortunately the cases were in the boot as I could not unlock it (even manually)...
  5. Giantvanman

    No one to blame but myself……….

    The other day whilst discussing my son's soon to be acquired new A-Class, I very foolishly said, in front of witnesses, that seeing as both me and my son had new vehicles, my wife could indeed have a car to replace her Saab. About thirty six hours later, there I was at the MB dealer, again...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Petrol to go up 4ppl?

    BBC News - Petrol price 'may go up 4p' as retailers urge review :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Also, this time last year the difference between Petrol & Diesel was only around 5p, now its 9p a litre :doh:
  7. BTB 500

    Insurance renewal - 42% increase for single 'no blame' claim made by named driver!

    The insurance is due on the SL shortly, so I rang Elephant to 'disclose' the incident Mrs BTB had in her car earlier in the year (somebody ran into the back of her Audi - all liability accepted by the other party and repairs paid for by their insurance). "No problem sir" said the man, "but...
  8. John

    Blame culture.

    OK, so I read this a couple of times but I am not sure why NR are to blame here. I also see that virtually all the comments seem to agree... Tragic? Yes. NR's fault? Uh? Any ideas? Network Rail Charged Over Teenagers' Deaths - Yahoo!
  9. DSM10000

    A frustrating day and partly ECP to blame!

    I ordered Pagid front discs, front and rear pads and wear sensors from Euro Car Parts recently and today decided to fit them. All went well, I quickly had the front caliper and carrier stripped off, cleaned and ready when I unpacked the new pads to find that they are rectangular and the...
  10. d w124

    Don`t blame a car by the look or the age

    M4X BE I really had fun at those lights so next time,don`t judge a car by the look.By the way if you see this,you might as well join the club :thumb::)
  11. Gucci

    I blame Mercedes for missing my train

    So there I was arriving in Charing Cross London this evening, ready to catch my train home. Wandered into WHSMith, and saw they stock Mercedes Enthusiast magazine again. Had a good flick through (special SL edition)...missed my train :mad: Damned Mercedes enthusiasm
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