1. noogieman

    4SALE W202 Manual rear blind

    Ready to ship worldwide: Blinds for w202 C-klasse 1993 - 2000. 1x manual rear blind in X-ellent condition. Comes with mounting parts. Black mesh. 1x passengers door blind, brand new. Black mesh. Shoot me a pm if you're interested?
  2. John N

    W205 Sun Blind

    I have the Panoramic Sunroof and it has a Roller Blind incorporated that appears to have a mind of it's own. I like to have the Blind open, but at various times on locking the car it either closes all the way, :mad: closes partially :rolleyes: or stays open. :doh: I can't find any reference to...
  3. jih2000

    retrofit blind spot assist / distronic plus

    Hi, Anyone had blindspot assist or distronic plus retro-fitted? I have a 2013 c63 facelift model I want to fit this to
  4. A

    190E Rear Sun Blind

    On German Ebay: 322445325347 | eBay Andy
  5. B

    2014 s class rear bumper blind spot sensor

    Hi, The sensor has stopped working I'm getting the lane assist assist and blind spot inoperative in he display. Anybody changed one and is it difficult? Thanks
  6. M

    rear electric blind issue E63s (W212) I posted this in the AMG Lounge......Any ideas from other models with the rear blinds? :dk:
  7. M

    rear electric blind issue E63s (W212)

    the bracket connecting the bar to the roller (in the pillar has snapped). can you get the small part that connects the bar to the pillar spiral ? or has anyone managed to glue one back together....? TYIA. :dk:
  8. noogieman

    WTB: Rear blind for W201 190E

    I need a rear blind for a 190E W201. If you have one for sale in good condition please let me know. Thanks
  9. F

    W124 estate rear window blind?!

    Is this one of those 'rate as hens teeth items' or can it be purchased from anywhere. Never seen them before and this is pretty much the only image I find on Google
  10. brucemillar

    I was blind now I can't see. Any Opticians in the house.

    As per the title. I need some advice please. I am a long term varifocal specs wearer. Normally for reading and driving and the occasional bit of TV watching. Reading is my biggest need. My present frames of choice being (I am a ponce) Rayban Wayfarers. So I need some new ones and thought...
  11. C

    W202 electric rear blind

    As above looking for an electric rear blind, also looking for the loom and switch etc for a w202 Gary
  12. M

    Blind Spot Assist Inoperative

    On the way home last night I got the Blind Spot Assist Inoperative message on the display. This stayed on for about 5 minutes which was the remainder of my journey. I then turned the engine off and removed the key before I started the engine up again. The yellow triangles in the mirrors came...
  13. R

    W251 Load cover/Roller Blind

    Hi looking at the USA sites looks like the R and GL share the same part no. Looking for it in black. Thanks
  14. P

    W210 e - class electric rear blind

    W210 e - class electric rear blind for sale very rear part £150
  15. J

    W211 electric rear blind

    As above need an electric rear blind for a w211 part number I have is: a211 810 00 20 Mine is broke it doesn't retract the blind material when you close it :(
  16. C

    W204 Rear Blind...

    New to MB's and the Forum so apologies in advance if this has been posted elsewhere. Had one of these rear blinds in a 2007 B6 Passat a few years ago and the rear window dimensions of my 2011 C Class seemed to match. Thought I'd share as its an easy / cheap addition. I got it from this seller...
  17. A

    W124 Electric Rear Blind

    Reasonable? W124 electric rear blind fully working | eBay Regards, Andy
  18. Amg82

    208 rear blind in 202?

    Guys I know it's been answered here somewhere but I can't seem to find it, would I be able to use w208 electric blind in my c43 ? 202 ones are too hard too find Any input appreciated thanks
  19. Amg82

    W202 c43 rear blind , loom, power fold loom

    Hi guys any help locating the following much appreciated require the following Rear blind Power fold w202 chassis loom I have everything else, had the blind too but guy in Germany doesn't want to post it now:( Thanks andy
  20. IRISH E55

    W210 rear blind

    Hey lads I'm looking to fit a rear electric blind to my 55 but it has the Bose system in the shelf so is it possible to fit the rear blind given the size and positioning of the speakers?
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