1. L

    W202 Rear window sun blinds

    2 x Genuine MB rear window blinds for W202 C class, excellent condition only taken out of car because not my cup of tea!! open to offers - pm me Located in Rugby, Warwickshire
  2. Felstmiester

    C63 spec from vin number rear sun blinds

    Looking at a previous thread. I put in my vin for my 58 plate c63 and it says rear window L&R electric sun blinds and rear window electric sun blind. It has got a rear electric sun blind that's operated by a button on the dash but the rear side window ones you just pull up and hook on by hand...
  3. kap02

    Mercedes C Class 4dr W204 UV blinds (fitted, custom)

    I have the following for sale: Mercedes C Class 4dr 07- CAR WINDOW SUN SHADE BABY SEAT CHILD BOOSTER BLIND UV | eBay I will take £45 collected from Manchester, they were on the car for 3 months. Car is now sold. 07745600001
  4. Mrhanky

    W211 NON OEM Rear Blinds FOC

    I bought the blinds below recently, however my little one keeps fiddling with the blind and it pings off and quickly retracts. I only fitted one side and the hook and loop tape is still sticky to reuse. Anyway I cant send back and to be perfectly honest I can be ****d to post. So if anyone is...
  5. U

    C55 Rear Door Blinds..?

    Been trying to find some information regarding rear door blinds on the C55 I see there is one on eBay for sale which has them and also the rear window blind... is the rear door blinds an option from factory..? or possible a mod..? Any info would be great :)
  6. 24karrat

    SEL foot rest & rear door blinds need

    Can anyone help?
  7. Koolvin

    Wanted - Sun Blinds S202

    Wanted - Sun Blinds S202 anyone have a set?
  8. Gareth

    W211 - E-Class Saloon - Full set of genuine MB rear accessory blinds

    W211 - E-Class Saloon - Full set of genuine MB rear accessory blinds Only for sale due to having the windows tinted instead, everything included, great condition. (Rear window and 2 x side windows with all fixings) £110 posted, or £100 collected from Staines, Middlesex I can provide...
  9. J

    S124 rear door window sun blinds

    I would like to obtain a pair of original roll up sun blinds for the rear door windows of a S124 together with the necessary fixing kit. Even one would do. Thanks in advance.
  10. T

    Sun blinds for C-Class estate

    I've just bought a used C-class Estate, and the OH wants some sun protection in the back for our little one. I'm not keen on getting the windows tinted, so wondered if anyone has any recommendations as to where I could buy fitted sun shades? The MB OEM ones seem very pricey!! Thanks!
  11. U

    W202 Rear Door Sun Blinds WANTED

    Anyone ?
  12. d w124

    W210 side blinds

    mercedes w210 e36 e55 amg genuine rear side blinds rare | eBay
  13. R

    W211 Genuine Sun Blinds

    I bought these last year thinking that they were for the boot area of an estate - they don't fit so I've obviously made a mistake, they're almost certainly for the rear windows of a W211 saloon. They were new when I bought them and have been gathering dust ever since. £25 the pair + post...
  14. d w124

    S202 rear side blinds

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  15. S

    W140 Items for sale (wheels, blinds, brakes etc)

    I have come to accept that I have had a good exposure to all things W140 and with the rapidly falling prices in W221's, that will be the next move. As I don't see myself back in W140's anytime soon, the following is now taking up space and no longer needed: Rear (manual) side blinds (left...
  16. A

    W220 LWB Rear Passenger Blinds - HELP!!

    Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help? I have just purchased a LWB W220 which has the rear electric blind and the 2x rear passenger blinds. My question is how do you operate the 2x rear passenger blinds? Are they electric or manual ( cant find any electric buttons or any reference to their...
  17. R

    124 electric blinds

    124 electric blinds how hard are they to fit if the car doesnt have them? i.e. whats involved
  18. gurpz

    W202 & W210 Sun Blinds

    Seller has a set of W210 rear blinds and one S202 rear blind pretty rare for the estate and NLA from MB IIRC: merc w202 | eBay
  19. d w124

    W202 rear side blinds

    Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG W202 C-Class Rear Door Roller Blinds | eBay
  20. A

    W211 E class sun blinds

    Probably a long shot but.... Anyone knows or has any side window blinds for rear side windows? It's actually for an estate version but guess blinds the same? Thanks
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