1. shanksy

    M111.960 - blink Code 21 on Pin 8

    Hi All, Have now managed to extract codes with constructed code reader.... All codes stay cleared now except for Code 21 on Pin 8. I cannot, however, find any definitive list of codes for the e220 with the M111.960 engine though. The nearest I can get is the CS1000 scanner manual which...
  2. M

    Early W221 - HVAC on the blink - how to get codes and reset?

    Hello all - apologies if this has been answered before, I cannot find anything specific. MY 2006 W221's heater has just started to exhibit an intermittent fault; when it goes wrong, the fans run at a medium-high setting, whether the system is on or off - when on, the air is hot (very hot)...
  3. R

    R129 Blink code/airbag

    Hi all I have been unable to access the airbag codes (pin 30 of the 38pin diag socket) using a blink code reader. The code reader works okay on all the other pins, I wish to clear a code after I replace a damaged squib/clock spring next week. At the moment I've disconnected the airbag, I won't...
  4. french

    Gosh this made me blink

    Mercedes SL55 AMG | eBay
  5. Rashman

    Google maps on the blink & iphone update

    What's the deal with Google Maps? It's not working like it used to. You zoom in and all the roads and labels disappear! :wallbash: Don't think much of the latest iphone update either :wallbash:
  6. V

    LED Blink code tester HELP!

    I have the following problem on a w124 220E with a 111 motor: I am having trouble getting codes on pin 8,when I press the switch for 4 seconds,the light comes on and after I leave it, no flashes/codes. I even unplugged the water temp sensor,no1 injector,MAF sensor and still no codes...
  7. C

    Blink Codes Wanted 1992 R129.66

    I am in the process of building a blink code reader using the instructions found elsewhere on this forum and other internet pages. I have the analogue 16 pin socket on the car (block of 4 next to block of 12 type). Does anyone have a list of the fault codes/blinks as I can't find them anywhere...
  8. jonnyboy

    cdc on the blink?

    hi all went on a trip to taunton today and decided to take the S430 to stretch her legs properly. Did the school run first, checked what CD's were in the magazine (sigh) aand one by one the select/change screen on Command showed a slash instead of a disc, ione by one as i moved selection...
  9. N

    Indicators on the blink - E320CDI W210

    This evening as I was driving along the left indicator came on even though the the indicator lever was at neutral. I then indicated to the other direction and that came on - the other went out. When the indicator lever is back in neutral the blinker still blinks. The hazard warning switch works...
  10. V

    M104 Oil pressure gauge on the blink

    Currently have a 300SL-24 that I have not used for 3 weeks or so. Car is low mileage and drives beautifully....having just used the car this weekend the oil pressure gauge in the dash is behaving oddly...Rather than sitting a 3 where it normally does, its sitting at 2 when driving and will...
  11. PaulE230

    one button alarm , anyone know how to make the lights blink upon activation ? I have

    tried the manual but nothing was mentioned
  12. P

    Air con on the blink again.......

    has anyone got a wiring diagram of the complete air con system for a c200 sport 1999? my air con comes on and off intermitently...... the clutch kicked in every day for the last 10 days and yesterday, it stopped working........prior to the 10 days, it did'nt work for 3...
  13. Tan

    Indicators on the blink... or not in this case

    Hi I was driving my Brothers W124 E220 today when the indicators decided that they would become intermitent. Some times when you select left or right nothing at all happens, the Hazard warning lights dont work either, also sometimes they start off working then suddenly stop. I have...
  14. Tan

    Radio on the blink

    I have an odd ball problem with my radio.. i thinks its an MB Audio 10 Rad/Cass head unit...cant remember off the top of my head. Since new years it has been freezing up.. i.e. lights up but no sound and cant switch it off, and once the ignition is turned off the aerial stays up. However...
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