1. M

    SLK trouble alarm and blinkers staying on R170

    My SLK started sounding the alarm without any reason, and kept going off almost as soon as I reset it. Then I took the car for a trip and after 15 min the horn sounded shortly a few times. I then parked and the blinker on one side stayed on. I disconnected the battery and the fault one side...
  2. Silver CL55

    Just changed the wing mirror "blinkers" to facelift led type

    As above, upgraded to the facelift type...quite cool. I got the info from a US forum. Colin.
  3. Mercedes cozy

    Mercedes Pair of Mirrors W210 Facelift with blinkers

    I have just had a pair of Mirrors come in Electric folding, Heated, driver auto diming, both with Blinkers, in silver colour. From a 2001 E class W210. Looking for a very good offer to part with. These are gold dust. Very hard to find. PM me with offer
  4. T

    W203 wing mirror blinkers

    Can anyone advise me how to replace the blinker light module in the W203 wing mirror (non folding version, near side). Thanks.
  5. comports

    Upgraded Wing mirrors with blinkers

    Hi all, Just wondering if I can upgrade my wing mirrors for those with integral indicators in them.I have a pre facelift 99 CLK 320 with reverse dipping, electric folding mirrors at the moment and want to upgrade to have the indicators in them. Does anyone know if this is a straight swap or...
  6. B

    how much are the '95 C200-Elegance front blinkers from the MB dealer?

    how much are the '95 C200-Elegance front blinkers from the MB dealer? I changed the bulb in the left blinker yesterday and probably didn't push the blinker housing fully back in. This morning, it flew off on the as I drove. I would have stopped and picked it up but it was smashed to bits...
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