1. Bigrichw

    55k blocked breather

    Well that made a mess... All belts are being replaced too Had it 10 days, been in repair for 5 days now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. E

    Blocked dpf bank 1 lamba sencor problem

    Hi every 1 sorry if this is in the from place I have a c200 cdi sport 10 plate the engine light was on and of for a few days then stayed on so took it to a mate to plug in comes back with DPF blocked no other codes so booked it in to get a terra dpf clean week later fella plugs it in on the day...
  3. pfarre10

    DPF blocked filter Vito 639

    Hi all, Fairly certain its my own fault, but just need some clarification. As soon as my van was out of warranty in march i fitted a racechip chip box. 136hp to somewhere between 170-80hp :thumb: Fine all summer. Then inspection B service due in September :eek: Van had only did 20k...
  4. S

    R230 ABC Light Rear Valve Body or Blocked Valve

    Hi, I recently had the Renntech lowering module fitted, and since then for some reason, I am getting 'ABC visit workshop' on my dash. I noticed the rear of the car is much lower than the front. I then switched the lowering module to 'off' mode, but the car still sits low on the rear. I...
  5. ricky300ce

    Possable blocked breather

    I don't know ?? I have condensation & water coming from camshaft cover breather to air filter, could this be a blocked breather somewhere ? I have 1990 300ce thanks
  6. ricardo62

    egr blocked?

    hi im asking this question to you learned people , could my egr be coked up , my car a e320 il 6 diesel has spent the last year of its life , mainly being used around town , and spends a lot of time just idling . I dont live anywhere were i can give it a long run and the nature of my job which...
  7. O

    W208 2000 CLK430 another blocked vents issue

    Hi, so I bought my second clk430 and am having some issues. One is the vents. They seem blocked and don't blow enough air. At maximum speed, it feels like the blower is at the second highest speed. I first thought the cabin filter needs changing, so I bought a new one. Opened the box, to find no...
  8. P

    Ohh got caught out with the blocked drain!

    Howdy, Drove the car over the weekend, in torrential rain. Wife alerted me to water gushing in from the back of the glovebox - instantly knew what what it was. So checked the drain hole and it was blocked, cleaned it out and water dumped out the valve as it should. Currently have...
  9. N

    Accidently blocked EPC on Java, how to undo?

    MB's EPC is generally a PITA & will not run (at least on my machine) on the latest version of Java. I removed Java & downloaded the previous version (jre- 7u45-windowsi586.exe) but occidentally clicked the 'block' button when loading & opening EPC. Now I can't see how to unblock it. Running...
  10. Koolvin

    Drain blocked again! Rods or Jet

    This time last year I had the pleasure of unblocking our foul drain. I had to borrow a rod set from my FIL. Surprise surprise the drain is blocked again (must have been the kids who love flushing bundles of tissues down the pan) I am thinking of buying one of these : NILFISK, ALTO DRAIN &...
  11. S

    Urgent help! I've been blocked from my email account.

    realy need help with this one guys. I was unable to read emails on my phone to day, and thought nothing of it. When arriving home I decided to check my emails via my pc, only to discover that my account had been hacked and subsequently blocked. I followed the prompts showing me how to...
  12. L

    when auto trans is in park mode which wheels are blocked?

    front or rear?:dk:
  13. J

    blocked washer jet W204

    hi all, one of the drivers side screen washer jets is blocked on my car. Anyone solved this problem or is it just a case of replacing washer jet. I think mine are heated. There was a really nasty smell in the car when using washer jet water, i think because i mixed washer fluid. If i need to...
  14. G

    Headlight Washers Blocked.

    Dear All, My facelift W211 saloon seems to have blocked headlight washers. The wash tank is full and screen washers work ok. When operated, the washers pop out for a nano-second, do the sweep and go back in. There is a noise from the pump and a few bubbles coming out of the jets. How...
  15. K

    W203 Blocked scuttle drain

    My 52 plate W203 220 CDi has a drain hole blocked, the one at the extreme LHS of the windscreen. I can poke a plastic tube about 8" down this tube but it seems to be hitting a bend before the obstruction. This pipe appears to go down behind the air con filter and the battery. How can I clear...
  16. flango

    Dieselman still blocked

    Just heard from Will he is still blocked from forum access could someone have another look at the issue? Also I thought I would post on the other thread started by *** but it's been closed :dk: Something not right somewhere :dk:
  17. 2toast

    E270 Exhaust blocked?

    Recently had loss of power on my E270 CDI after changing turbo and Maf it was diagnosed with a blocked exhaust this was cleaned and hey presto back to normal..Andy Gale merc indie found the blocked exhaust and charged £275 to fix..Having looked at cat it has been cut and welded on three sides...
  18. M

    Blocked EGR

    After a recent break down in my C270 02plate i found my EGR almost completly blocked with **** i took it off cleaned it up really well, but the lumpy idle came back the next day so i cleaned the MAF put fuel cleaner through but still the same, so i blocked off my valve. Now the idle is fine but...
  19. Gh3382

    easily cleared badly blocked drain channels

    The area around the wipers on my car was holding water and the drain hole near the passenger side door on the wiper panel was well blocked. I used a wire coathanger and bent the end over after straitening it out so there was no sharp edges. a few gentle pushes saw a gush of water come our on...
  20. O

    S320 CDI 07, recon turbo, blocked fuel injector

    I recently purchased the above mentioned vehicle and I hope you gentlemen could give me some insight or just some moral support that this car will be on the road and amazing to drive once its out of the garage! I know it will it has just been a little hectic and stressful. The car was giving...
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