1. B

    Wind blocker

    I am getting fed up wiyh the MB black mesh wind blocker on my SLK. I am thinking about trying to get a clear plastic/acrylic/perspex one made up the same as the Porche Boxter. Has anyone done this, or maybe know of anyone in the Guildford area that may be able to make one, with, hopefully...
  2. D

    CLK Conv Wind Blocker

    I have bought what seemed to be a bargain wind blocker for my 2000 CLK. It appears to be a permanent mounting, fitting under the front of the rear seat, then pulling out as a roller blind. My problem is i do not see how it will stay open, what is supposed to attach to, does anybody have any...
  3. SEM

    BT Modem Blocker

    This should probably be in the IT section... A must have tool for anyone who still has a modem in their computer. No more premium rate surprises???
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