1. Tan

    Blocking up chimneys

    Hi We have just recently moved into our new family home, which is a Victorian semi and it has 6 open fireplaces which are fairly draughty. I am not sure if I want to permanently block the fireplaces yet or use something like a chimney balloon as a semi permanent fix. Does anyone have...
  2. D

    blocking off EGR valve

    Since I am having a good look at the car, I may as well sort out the EGR. I've read up a bit, and it looks like EGR can cause smoky exhaust problem. Mine looks disgusting at first sight and exhaust is sooty. There is a trace of oil in the air intake pipe. Some people have blocked their...
  3. Nik_Endeavour

    Blocking Ambulance - Wtf?

    and she is smiling on the way to court BBC NEWS | England | Leicestershire | 'Stupid' driver blocked ambulance

    Tank strainer blocking - can it happen not just on low fuel?

    Tank strainer blocking - can it happen not just on low fuel?:confused: I've had it block once about a week ago on low fuel about a gallon left, question is can it block with more fuel than this say a quarter of a tank? I don't have time at the mo. to sort it out and want to do it properly...
  5. comports

    Firewalls and outgoing request blocking

    I must be bored tonight...!!! I have kids and as usuall they test me by going to sites that I have asked them not to go on due to virus etc... They have their own wireless pc in another room so it's not on my machine. Is there a way I can set up some rules in the Home Hub Firewall that...
  6. T

    Blocking EGR - C250TD

    I have acquired a new car - a 97 C250td. So far I’ve greased the wiper mechanism and checked the vital fluids. All OK. Now I’m worried about oiling up the intercooler and adding unnecessary carbon particles to my engine oil. This is apparently all the EGR’s fault, and I plan to block it...
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