1. brucemillar

    Bloody hell. Sent from my iPhone using sausage fingers.
  2. CLSMark

    It's too bloody hot

    I can happily sit round a pool doing " proper f all " as Micky Flanagan would say, but trying to function in this is unbearable. I blame Donald Trump... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. sssammm

    Bloody hell

    66 plate car brought to my friend for a complete colour change, the wife dont like they are changing it to.......................Magnolia!!!!!!!
  4. Hawkwind

    Bloody Seagulls!!

    A present from one of Brighton's finest. I'm recovering from surgery at the moment, so I'm not allowed to wash the car!!:( Not very Mercedes :rolleyes: .
  5. F

    W205 - Can't bloody get in the thing!

    I have had my W205 C-Class Estate since last September but not done many miles over the winter in UK. Two weeks ago, I drove down to a holiday home in South West France and really enjoyed the trip. I was very pleased with my previous W204 but this was better in every way. Until yesterday...

    Bloody Snow...

    Oh deep joy....started snowing (again) rather heavily at the moment. E Ayrshire. Anyone else further south?.
  7. sssammm

    Bloody Cyclist

    As I said above watch till the end
  8. chrislawton

    bloody stickers!!!

    Hi everyone. Ive recently posted about this in the new members fourum and had some helpful replys, but thought the bodywork section is the best place to post this. The car was professionally resprayed 8 months ago by its previous owner. He spent so much money on modifications for this car...
  9. zeemax100

    Bloody Headlight!

    Before I'm told off for posting something that's been mentioned before "several times" but I'm slightly lost as I'm not even sure what volts/watts etc I need. Passenger Headlight doesn't work, Low Beam. Had the Bulb replaced but no Joy. If I clear all faults with diagnostic, the Headlight...
  10. marty359

    The BMW gets a bloody good clean.

    After covering over 1k miles during the Christmas period up and down our motorways the car was in need of a desperate clean. After it was damaged a few weeks back at a hand carwash it will never ever go to one again. Thought I'd try some bits the wife bought me for crimbo, electric detailing...
  11. G

    Bloody Walls!

    Would you guys know what would be involved to fix? It's got AMG Side Skirts
  12. balge

    Bloody bikers...

    Watch What This Biker Did To An Elderly Man (Video) Typical! Just saying.
  13. B

    bloody unbelievable e320 2007 now won't start!!!!!!

    Well am now utterly sick of this car, following on from my last post regarding various faults, i think i managed to sort them last night with the exception of the map sensor. Came to start the car this morning and now it won't turn over...battery is fully charged!! Strangest thing is the...
  14. B

    more bloody error codes than before !!!!2007 e320

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction as i think my error codes have a common goes!!!!!!! Originally had no error codes, but no power/limp home mode, plugged in diagnostics, showed fault as the common swirl valve motor. Replaced motor with no...
  15. developer

    Bloody Roads

    I pulled up outside a house yesterday and was greeted by a hissing sound, the result of which is a deformed tyre bead where it meets the inner rim :devil:. I'm not aware of any thuds and try my best to avoid potholes etc, however, the upshot is 2 new tyres (I always change both on one axle if...
  16. M

    Bloody annoying

    First day back in the office for me today, parked up at the train station. Nice big space. Left lots of room between myself and the next car. I was sat there paying for my parking on my phone when I heard/felt THUD. The woman parked next to me has opened her door and let the strong wind...
  17. tonyc280

    Bloody adverts on this site

    Excuse my french gentleman but the adverts i keep seeing on this site including "Wonga" etc are completely doing my head in. Any one know how i can stop them. Cheers, Tony.
  18. developer

    Justice - ha bloody ha.

    Skimming the channels, just in time to see a shoplifter on the run, jumping over some railings to evade capture, but they concealed a 30ft drop. Leg/back injury, breathing trouble - potentially serious. Tough t*tties.
  19. L

    Bloody KIDS!

    as i was coming out of my mothers tonight with the dog, she decides to run off (cause she thinks it's SO funny... the dog, not my mother.) around the corner three teenage kids are given a fright as a playful German Shepherd runs past them. so i drive the car around the corner to get her, and...
  20. M

    Bloody snow

    So who is having fun driving in the snow,I hate it couldn't even get my car out of the drive wheels just kept spinning :fail
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