1. G

    Oil filler cap blown off

    So I was driving my 507 today close to home. Gave it full throttle and then noticed I'd lost power steering and the battery warning message came up. Managed to just get it home - those things without power steering are almost impossible to move! Anyway, opened the bonnet and there was oil...
  2. dickycase

    C270 cdi turbo blown

    Hi all worryingly it looks and sounds like my c270 may have blown the turbo on my way home today. just wondered if anyone had replaced a turbo on a c270 cdi and what the costs were? im going to strip it out over the weekend and have a good look at any damage that its caused. currently when...
  3. merc85

    2.5 16v 190e cosworth blown lump

    Be a shame for this to be broken :( Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16v Cosworth Manual W201 190 Black AMG M3 Project /Repair | eBay
  4. B

    C63 Track day, gearbox oil being blown out

    Hi I've just come back from a deflating track day experience.... My first track day in my car... (2009) Having completed 4 hot laps, allowing everything to warm up first of course. On the next lap I get black flagged! White smoke coming from my car and dropping oil. On inspection, we cannot pin...
  5. K

    Brake Discs & Pads for AMG/Line variants (full Blown AMG)

    I recently asked this question in the Euro Car Parts section of this forum but got no answer so will ask the membership if they can enlighten me. I previously owned a W209 CLK 320CDi AMG variant and have just changed to to a W212 E class E350CDi Bluetec AMG Line saloon. Neither Euro Car Parts...
  6. nb_racing

    Lovely Blown 124

  7. JohnEclass

    Blown LED Festoon

    Hey Killerhertz, Bit of a problem with the LED's, got warning light on dash saying LH number plate light fault, checked and neither light was working. Took them out and installed standard festoons....worked fine. So looked more carefully at LED's the LH one seems to have blown small...
  8. mat8n

    Blown speaker 2003 SL350 (R230)

    My door speaker is on its way out in my SL. Can anyone tell me if its an easy DIY replacement job and how to do it? Also which/what speakers are recommended to replace it with? Thanks Matt
  9. O

    Blown fuse after water ingress

    I recently had a number of problems which appeared to be caused by water ingress but I just couldn't locate where and how! My lights would come on my horn would sound which was a nightmare today I lost all electrics to the car, I suspect the water has blown a fuse! Previously I had been trying...
  10. H

    Early? W203 Battery change advice - Slave battery / blown SAMs

    Hi guys. Just prior to replacing the Alarm Siren on my w203 (December 2003 53 plate) as per my other posts, my car failed to start (probably due to the alarm probs). RAC called out and chap reckons I have a dodgy cell in the battery. Reading up on lots of posts I see that the ‘early’ w203 are...
  11. J

    Both Brake Bulbs Blown ... No Error on dash!

    Hi people, I had a guy on the road telling me that none of my brake lights were working but there was no message on my dash to inform me of blown bulbs ?? Why is that ... it says no malfunction when in fact I have to non working brake lights!
  12. markevo

    30 amp fuse Blown (E55 Break Down)

    My ongoing nightmere continues ....Found that the 30amp fuse in rear fuse block next to large battery in boot has blown . Replaced and car started .......drove for ten mins and fuse blown again .....replaced and then checked it to find that fuse was hot !!! Any thoughts ???
  13. shizhab

    How do u tell when head gasket has blown off

    After traveling for 15km only, I realized my temperature gauge wasn't working then I stopped but the engine was really hot...five minutes later I tried to start the engine and the reading went up to about 90 degrees Celsius what does this mean?. It is a 1996 C200 v-boot 111 engine
  14. I

    C204 2012 - exterior lights switch - bulb blown or not?

    At night, on my exterior lights switch panel, the knob itself and the foglights button are illuminated, whilst the half-circle section showing the different knob position symbols is not. It looks odd to me as it is the only part of the dash that is not lit, and I think I'm noticing it for that...
  15. DRBC43AMG

    Measuring light bulb (blown or not blown)

    Please bear with me as electricity and even more so electronics are not my favourite cup of tea... I have two bulbs in my w202 c43 dash which are not working, so probably blown. I pulled the dash unit out of the console and removed the bulbs. I have a volt meter which measures the usual stuff...
  16. T

    e63 AMG Blown Engine

    e63 - full service history - 50k miles engine has has total blow up - as these are "sealed units" it needs a new engine mb warranty will not fix - for 2 reasons 1 - the car was over the service limit - by 700 miles and 3 months - this confuses me - yes it was 700 miles over but this is within...
  17. I

    C Class ILS side light blown

    Hi First post and it's a problem..... I had an orange message appear last night to advise that my right side kerb light has stopped working. It's the one that lights up when you turn hard right at slow speed etc. it's a MY2012 c63. Have booked it in on Saturday to the dealer but keen to hear...
  18. O

    Blown Fuse?

    Hi Guys, I would appchiate a little help please! I've just had 3 warning messages come up, Left & Right Number plate lights & 3rd breaking light. I suspect it's a blown fuse but cannot locate which fuse this maybe, I have fuse diagram but just cannot see which one it is. Any help...
  19. jimmymidnight

    Auto Lights - Fuse blown???

    Good afternoon, It seems my auto lights have stopped working, but I have also noticed that they don't come on when I unlock the car and the interior lights don't come on when I open the doors - they all work when the switches are used, but not automatically? Could this be a fuse issue, and if...
  20. jonathan

    Brand new blown engine

    Hi all it's been over two years since my last post but I have a good one for you. Two weeks ago I took delivery of a brand new e 350 cab in white. What a car, Friday afternoon with the sun beating down the wife drove out of the Mercedes garage in it. After around a hundred miles it started...
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