blue efficiency

  1. pierpp

    Chipping a Blue Efficiency

    Hi I am thinking of getting my E350 CDi BE (2010) chipped. I know there are various manufacturers out there doing perfomance chips. Has anyone had this done on such a new model? How does it affect the MB warranty? Worth doing or not? I hear the fuel economy is improved too...?
  2. pierpp

    350 cdi pinking

    Hi, I have a 2010 E350 cdi coupe that ever since I bought it in April has pinking. I know diesels are not supposed to pink, but when accelerating hard there is a distinct sound. The dealer says the car has all the latest software updates and has now covered 6500 miles. Performance is good and...
  3. R

    Can I "Blue Efficiency" my engine?

    In my thread I started the discussion about all the possible engine mods that one could do to that engine and the likely outcomes. Now with Petrol in the £1.20s and Road Tax going up and up I'm think more about mpg and...
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