1. M

    Bluetooth Telephone

    I've just purchased a 2006 (pre facelift) E320 cdi estate. I was told by the dealer that it had bluetooth phone capability. I have been able to connect my phone via bluetooth (although connection is not stable), but when I press the TEL button it is still telling me to insert a telephone. Could...
  2. R

    Bluetooth audio query

    I have just bought a 2008 (2008- onwards series) SL 350 which has command with Bluetooth telephony enabled and working. Can any one tell me if I can enable Bluetooth audio via engineer mode as not in menu and will it work or do I need to purchase a dongle to plug into my armrest box connection...
  3. D

    W213 (2017) iPhone OIS 10 stream problems

    Hi there maybe someone can comment on my issue? phone is a 6SE with IOS 10.3.2 and pairs without a problem. Phone calls seem working as well, but streaming is my problem. At time the car screen shows the stream as paused and at other times it shows it as playing but no sound comes out of...
  4. R

    2007 W211 Stereo and Bluetooth options confusion!

    I have recently aquired a 2007 E class. It has what I think is an NTG1 stereo; single CD slot with integrated 6 Disc changer underneath and a matrix display. In the armrest flap bits, it has what I presume is a Nokia phone kit (it has a pair of curly leads each side in the arm rest part). Now my...
  5. J

    W203 - swap cd changer for a bluetooth module?

    Apologies but im a total noob here... I have just bought myself a w203 c32 amg and wanted to be able to play music via bluetooth in my car! From what I have read and understood I have the comand 2.0 HU and I know it is possible to get a bluetooth module that replaces the AUX in the glovebox...
  6. M

    2011 c250 bluetooth problem

    Phone connects no problem but sound is very crackly when making phone calls, any fix for this? Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  7. S

    2005 Mercedes C270CDI - bluetooth cradle contact synching - HELP PLEASE! :)

    Good morning! I am hoping I might be able to ask for your expertise! I have a 54 plate Mercedes C270 CDI. I bought a bluetooth cradle (advised off MB of Bolton) off ebay. I’ve got an iPhone and I have paired the phone successfully - it can make and receive calls absolutely fine! However, the...
  8. M

    Mercedes HFP Bluetooth MODULE B6 7800 000

    Hi, I am after a Mercedes HFP Bluetooth MODULE B6 7800 000 bluetooth module that is in good, working condition and preferably with the instructions and packaging. Am after the latest B6 7800 000 model, not the earlier gen 1 or 2 please. Thank You
  9. M

    ML320 - Bluetooth / Cradle

    Hi All, Trying to get the correct adapter for ML320 CDI (2006). It looks like to me I need the MBU-3000, but can someone confirm, as articles indicate it should look like the curly cable Nokia cradle, but there is aso MB MFI and SAP one and I am getting confused. There is a guide...
  10. moog999

    Bluetooth streaming from android phone....

    Picked up my new to me 2011 E350 estate yesterday and as lovely as it is the connectivity options in the car are frankly archaic. Now my choice of car was dictated by the need for 7 seats , somewhere less than 75miles from home, it had to be a 350 and my trade in car was 2weeks away from...
  11. flowrider

    For Sale: Mercedes Bluetooth HFP Adapter

    I am selling my bluetooth adapter. It is fully working but be aware that the Mercedes Bluetooth HFP adapter will not work in cars with the old CD based COMAND system, or Audio-30, Audio-30-APS, Audio 10-CD or Audio-10 Cassette because you get echo on the system. I do not have the box or...
  12. comports

    2007 CLK bluetooth

    Hi All, Its been a while but I've been lurking around. Long and short of it - I've had my 53 plate CLK 320 written off a couple of weeks ago and was gutted.... :( But Insurance have paid out so today I went and bought my next venture - a 2007 CLK 350..! not a million miles away from...
  13. S

    ODB bluetooth scanner

    Can anyone recommend an ODB scanner which has an Android app and bluetooth connection but which is Mercedes specific? thanks
  14. Gioconda

    Bluetooth on Comand unit W209

    Hi all - I'd love to be able to stream from my iPhone 6 through my Comand unit (2004 CLK). Does anyone know if the below would be suitable? KFZ Radio Bluetooth Interface Adapter cable MMI AMI Plug for Mercedes Comand | eBay If it means sacrificing the 6 CD changer I don't mind....(Don't...
  15. M

    Bury bluetooth kit Music x 2 for sale

    Hi Since both my wife and I changed cars last year I have 2 Bury CC9060 Music bluetooth kits for sale. The Bury kit is, when installed, very easy to use and will allow you to play your music from your phone through your car speakers. And as the fine for using a mobile in your car has gone up to...
  16. D

    Connecting Phone Via Bluetooth on 2009 CLC

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. How do I connect my phone to the car!? It says 'tel bluetooth ready' but I can't seem to figure out what to do after that. The manual doesn't seem to say either. Thanks.
  17. P

    Bluetooth adaptor for C Class w203

    Hi I'm after a Bluetooth adaptor for a C Class W203 please. The one that goes in the armrest. Thanks Dan
  18. S

    iPhone bluetooth music

    I use my iPhone connected via bluetooth for telephone use - is it possible to play YouTube or Music from the iPhone and have it sent to the head unit? I have a 2008 W221. Thanks
  19. L

    ViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth module

    Hi All, Having Sold my 2007 SLK55 I now have my ViseeO MB-4 adapter doing nothing. I'm looking for £140ono for it PM me Regards James
  20. Peter Michaels

    Bluetooth adapter

    Hello It's it possible to play music from a smart phone via a Bluetooth adapter, which plugs into the connection which used to be for an older Nokia phone in a 2002 220cdi Avantgarde ? If yes what are they called and where to get one? Many thanks
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