1. jih2000

    OBD Blutooth Adapter C63 - Torque Pro App

    Hi Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the C63. Its to interface tothe torque pro / drmerc mobile apps please? Anyone using these in their c63's? Thanks
  2. jih2000

    OBD Blutooth Adapter - Torque Pro App

    Hi Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the torque pro apps / drmerc mobile apps please? l Thanks
  3. S

    NTG2 Navi + CD changer + Blutooth

    For sale from my 09 clk w209 the original NTG2 navi system with the blutooth module and the cd changer.... Looking for 300 pounds for the the NTG2, 60 for the blutooth and 60 for the cd changer. 400 pounds if sold as package.
  4. gIzzE

    Wanted: Merc HFP Blutooth module..

    As the title says really, I'm after one of these. Anyone got one sitting in the drawer?
  5. L

    for sale blutooth phone cradle

    i have for sale mercedes bluetooth phone cradle part No B67875877 i had this in my SL it has only 1200 miles i think it was only used 2/3 times any intreset phone me 07860872675 Regards Mike
  6. M

    W203 Audio 20 From CLC Blutooth In built

    Hello Folks I finally tried to install the Luxury Climate control and the Audio 20 The Climate control works :bannana: but Audio 20 fitted worked pair my phone but I did know how to connect the existing microphone in the rear vie w mirror the instruction was not clear enough please help I...
  7. Bishy

    Mercedes W211 HFP Blutooth

    Prob being thick here or its not compatible?! :wallbash: Bought a HFP bluetooth jobby off E-bay, no instrutions etc! Its to replace the Nokia 6310 cradle in my 2003 W211 Now wont it fit, as in the car kits to old, or do I need an adaption kit or something?? or have I Spent £150 on something...
  8. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: HP Laptop with wi-fi, blutooth etc

    Hi Guys, I have a used HP Compaq NC6320 Laptop for sale - the spec is: 15" XGA Monitor Intel Core 2 DUO Mobile T5500 Processor, 1.5Gb RAM, 60Gb HDD DVD-ROM /CD-RW Bluetooth Wi-Fi Fingerprint Scanner 4 USB ports Firewire port Excellent condition - as new - No box or...
  9. A

    Blutooth connection W211 2002

    Is it possible at reasonable cost to get a Blackberry with bluetooth to connect to the phone system in my new to me w211?:confused: :o
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