1. grober

    New BMW electric mini concept
  2. grober

    £2,000 bmw diesel scrappage scheme
  3. C

    BMW M4 for sale, may part for E63

    As above I've decided to sell my high spec M4 for something with a couple more doors and a bigger boot! (E63 estate!) Spec is: Spec is as follows Metallic Mineral White Sakhir Orange Full Merino leather (dashboard, doorcards etc all leather with red stitching on dash) 5 year service...
  4. grober

    BMW to build Electric Mini in Oxford

    Electric Mini to be built in Oxford - BBC News The electric bit - the drivetrain, which includes the motor, gearbox and battery pack - will be assembled in Germany, and fixed to the rest of the car in the factory. BMW currently makes electric motors and batteries for all of its electric cars...
  5. S

    Mercedes C63s VS F Type R VS BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    Hi Guys, I know these are 3 cars in different categories..but I am going to purchase one of them! Which would you take? Interested to hear peoples opinion on picking one of these 3 cars: BMW M6 Gran Coupe VS Mercedes C63s VS F Type R I have driven all 3, I love them all for different...
  6. MWCLS

    Defected to BMW

    After viewing many MB's and BMW models over a wide price span and being slightly sensible having two young sons and a substantial mortgage I railed myself in a bought a very nicely specced 58 reg E90 se 330d 6MT saphirre Black/lemon Dakota. The first owner pretty much ticked all the options...
  7. I

    BMW 330d Touring Wanted

    As I can't find a C218 CLS 350 / 500 with the right spec I'm now looking at a 2013ish BMW 330d Touring instead.
  8. trapperjohn

    BMW Question (Sorry)

    SiL has just pulled up at the back of our homestead in his BMW 325i. Has has a caustic smelling blue fluid leaking from his passenger seat which wiffs a bit. Seats are heated and electric for movement. Colour of fluid leaking is blue. I'm thinking its "heated" seats related and not to...
  9. brucemillar

    BMW - Park Distance Control (PDC)

    Friends My wife's (new to her) E53 4.8is BMW X5 has a fault with the Park Distance Control = PDC. The car had 4 sensors front & four sensors rear with a controller module mounted in the boot. We have the stock BMW error: Engage reverse > Light on button illuminates > Continuous Beep for 10...
  10. J

    Alfa Giulia vs. BMW M3 vs. Mercedes-AMG C63 S
  11. M

    Did we made wrong choice..?? BMW 5 series or Audi A6 better than W213..?

    I love to hear "No"!!
  12. dynamicq

    FS: (or SWAP) BMW x5 3.0d Sport (I want a w211)

    Hey chaps. Bought myself a BMW X5 back in January. Just wanted something big for a change. Well after 4 months I have finally realised that I need a commuting car. E class or C class. I would be very interested to swap. BMW x5 3.0d Sport Diesel - 2001 - 128k miles - FSH - 2keys - MOT May...
  13. grober

    BMW MINI and Rolls Royce workers to strike.

    BMW Mini and Rolls Royce workers to strike over changes to their pension scheme. UK BMW workers back strike over pensions - BBC News A double blow following this
  14. e55nick

    How to advertise a BMW how to advertise a BMW! bmw 730d | eBay
  15. azaman

    BMW 530d GT - 2010

    My own car for sale if anyone is interested. 2010 SE, 54K miles, FSH, Good spec car, £14k ONO BMW 5 SERIES GRAN TURISMO 3.0 530d SE 5dr
  16. grober

    BMW struggle with Electric Cars

    Exclusive - BMW bosses to skip Paris show to thrash out electric car strategy | Reuters
  17. shyam27


    1999 BMW E39 520i Automatic. Finished in beautiful navy blue. Was taken in P/X. I don't know if I'm allowed to post this due to rivalry between MB and BMW but this is a good honest motor. Good Bits - Excellent and smooth runner with no mechanical faults. Drives flawlessly! Very comfortable...
  18. Mrhanky

    M113K BMW tank split cooling kit

    I had always planned to do the BMW reservoir tank split cooling mod on my E55 but never got round to it. Included in the kit are the following bits Brand New BMW Reservoir Used but great condition BMW reservoir mounting bracket Hoses you will need Hose connectors you will need Jubilee...
  19. Aletank

    New BMW 520d M-Sport

    After 15 years of Mercedes I've moved over to the Dark Side:eek: Last week i had delivered a brand new - BMW 520d M-Sport Auto M-Sport Plus Package Professional Navigation Multi-Media Split/Fold Rear Seats Space Grey Oyster Leather Click to Enlarge I tried Mercedes,Jaguar,Audi,Volvo, BMW...
  20. markjay

    BMW Train Derailed in South Carolina, USA

    120 Brand New BMWs Destroyed In U.S. Train Derailment [w/Video]
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