1. B

    W164 Fuse board by glovebox

    Hi All, I am stuck with no access to wiring diagrams or even a multimeter, only got internet on the iPhone! The fuse board by the glove box on a W164, fuse board F3? The main power that feeds this board, is it a permanent live or a switched live once the something else powers up...
  2. R

    no power to internal fuse board non starter

    Hope someone can help. I have inherited my late fathers c class 270cdi On starting the car it was running and then a shorting out sort of sound and the car stopped running and I now have no power to the internal fuse board in the side of dash and although I have dash lights and radio works and...
  3. B

    Dash board lighting

    I have an Email class W212 estate and my question is. Is there any way to get the instrument lights (Speedo rev counter etc etc)to be permanently on as mine will only come on with the side light position on the light switch or when the auto lights turn on. It is some times difficult to see the...
  4. H

    Switched live drivers side fuse board ??

    Trying to find an ignition switched live in the drivers side fuse box in order to fit my dash cam. All the circuits apear to be permanently live. Can anyone help:(
  5. M

    Mercedes G500 4x4² Exhaust System and Electric Running Board By BRABUS - Video

    Mercedes G500 4x4² Exhaust System and Electric Running Board By BRABUS [YOUTUBE HD]z0uzCkibLc8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. poormansporsche

    Any Circuit Board Guru's on the board ???

    Alright Good People, Im retrofitting steering wheel controls on my W208 but I cant be bothered with all that adding can bus and changing clusters etc etc. I have a aftermarket radio with steering wheel controls capability. I have a converter to use Ford (non canbus) steering wheel...
  7. Deane x

    Child on board ....what's the point ??

    Child on board signs , we have all seen them but what's the point of them , does one think by putting one in there car people will drive safer or is it to advertise they have a child ..I just don't get it
  8. F

    C280 (1997 W202) Fuses in OVP board

    Can anyone tell me what the 6 fuses in the OVP board protect? Many thanks. Steve
  9. E

    New to Mercs and the board

    Hello all, Just a quick introduction to say hello. Recently bought my first Mercedes (in fact, first car I've owned for a number of years since putting up with company cars!), and plumped for a CLK220 CDI as I wanted something nice but also suitable for high mileage in London. I'm...
  10. P

    w211 brake LED board o/s

    This is the top half of the brake light led board. It works intermittently I'm not clued up on electronics but this could be a good buy for someone with knowledge. Dealers are changing a silly price around 50+vat £20 posted
  11. K

    Vito 09 circuit board catching fire!!!

    Hi all So today my vito 09 catches fire in the engine bay on a circuit.... I've only owned the van for 3 months with 100k on the clock I did a 20 Minute journey to my work and for the first time my glow plug light came back on for the entire journey. When I got there I smelt burning so...
  12. M

    dash board pixels

    Hi The dash board pixels on my E240 W210 have gone, is there any easy fix or do I change it for a second hand unit which will show the wrong mileage, thanks Martin
  13. Deane x

    What to clean corroded electrical board with

    Hi I recieved my second hand rear lights to day which I am going to swap over with my old light then sell my old lights but there electrical board are a bit corroded so I want to clean them up , so what's the best thing to clean them with ,also some sort of grease to protect the new lights...
  14. guydewdney

    any art historians on board?

    I have an old palette painting by a (an?) L. Lutz. Dated by the framer in 1948, it was my grandparents, and is of st tropz (with a sailing fishing boat in the harbour!). I have looked, but I cant find anything about him/her. I know its quite valuable, as it was valued at 25k for probate in...
  15. N

    changing on board computer settings on W169

    Hi guys I have a 59 A180 CDI and I am wondering if you can change the layout of the on board computer on the cluster. On my one in the bottom window I have the speed in Kph. This according to the manual is unchangeable in the UK. I have seen that you can have the temp there instead. Is this...
  16. Twistedmind

    Dash board faults

    It's had these come on the dash at the same time Help. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  17. Whitey

    Hardiebacker Board

    Guys Any horror stories with this product ? Planning to use it in wet areas of bathroom (dot dab standard plasterboard on other walls) and to line the floor prior to tiling. Thanks ! Chris
  18. Fireman Dan

    New to the board. Soon the be E55 owner

    Hello all. I am new to the board. I am a firefighter in Northants and have two car Valeting centres. Will be purchasing an E55 W210 this week. Hope you are all well :0) Anything to look for specifically? It has full history And just over 100k. :0)
  19. G

    Dash board lights out on E320 1994

    Hi there, The dash board lights are out on my 1994 E320 can anyone please tell me how to rectify this. I have looked in the fuse box but all seem to be in tact, I took out fuse 3 and 5 and gave them a rub with sand paper as they seemed to be the ones refered to in the fuse box that are for...
  20. Simzy

    On board Diagnostic ???

    I am looking to purchase my own diagnostic computer for my mercedes. The previous owner for some stupid reason has removed all emission stickers from inside of driver door and engine so I cannot tell which obd my car will accept. I also cant find any info in the driver manual :doh: From...
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