1. B

    W164 Running Boards in EPC - Where?

    Hi All, In EPC, where do you find 'Running Boards'? The chassis I am looking under has them fitted as standard (ML63 AMG) but in EPC, I can't find them anywhere. Under section 99 Special Internal Fittings, it lists 270 Running Boards and shows a poor quality / low res image but no part...
  2. bluelights22

    GLC AMG LINE running boards

    Has anyone found a supplier of running boards for the GLC AMG line? They're available for ordinary GLCs, but as the AMG line has a slightly different body kit, they wont fit.
  3. Benplym

    22" Wheels and Running Boards Wanted for ML w164

    I guys I am after a set of 22's for my new ml280. Anything considered as long as it has a Mercedes badge on it somewhere. Also looking for some oem/oem style running boards. NOT the big ugly round things, Brabus or not Brabus they are sickening to even glance at. Thanks
  4. devonmercgirl

    Any night workers lerk this boards?

    As title says really, I often work some night shifts and find myself very bored so just wondered if there was any other night workers who lerk around on here :)
  5. D

    Running Boards for ML350 W166

    I am looking to retrofit some running boards for my W166 but I cannot find anywhere to buy or fit them - anyone know of anywhere?
  6. A

    Sofits and facia boards cost of replacing / painting

    Hello My Sofits and facias / gutters are to say the least a little worn, and paint flacky. I'm going to get a few quotes either for sanding and painting or replacing. I know all houses are different but any idea on costs for this? on a detached house. I did have everest come round around a...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    New plates & Backing boards

    Just finished fitting 2 new font style plates (GB ones) onto black backing plates. These are the plates which virutally all new Merc's come with, and make the car look loads better. Backing plates = £2 each 8x Sticky pads = 15p each 2x new plates = £17.02
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