1. Darrell

    London boat show.

    Anyone been?
  2. ioweddie

    Fancy a day out in a fishing boat?

    This video is of commercial fishing boats returning from fishing off the coast of Washington and Oregon . They are crossing the Columbia Bar, which is the site the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean . This is designated as one of the most dangerous ports of entry anywhere in the...
  3. ioweddie

    we have a new boat protecting the IOW

    SOLENT SET FOR USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT ARRIVAL - Island Echo - 24hr news, 7 days a week across the Isle of Wight
  4. jamesfuller

    Any one hired a narrow (or wide) boat?

    After a chat at the weekend, myself, the other half and 2 friends are thinking of hiring something around March next year. Any one done something like this? I'm thinking a canal in the north possibly. Any advise regarding hire companies or routes I'm all ears! Particularly interested...
  5. Godot

    Coolest guy at the boat ramp

  6. WDB124066

    AMG Boat Anyone?

    Wild powerboat gets the Benz - Motoring - NZ Herald News
  7. D

    AMG Boat

    I have not seen this - thought it might be of interest - AMG powered (electric!) certainly seems rather fast... RE: Say hello to Cedric... - PistonHeads
  8. KillerHERTZ

    AMG announce C63 inspired 2700hp Black Series Cigarette boat

    AMG announce C63 inspired 2700hp Black Series Cigarette boat Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing took their alliance to a new level with the debut of the "Black Series" 50' Marauder Cigarette boat, inspired by the C63 AMG Black Series While each brand's products always exemplify the...
  9. janner

    SLS boat

    193 MPH Nice! _8ecEWF-EXI
  10. snoop51

    500KG Shark Lands on boat

    Gulp:crazy::crazy: BBC News - Today - 500kg shark 'lands in boat'
  11. A

    Cheap Day boat / Canoes / rowing boats etc

    Hello Living in Chester we have a very nice river the River Dee and the past few weeks we have walked along the front and I have started looking at the little boats people put in... It then got me thinking that would be fun. I've asked the River Patrol about licencing etc and all seems ok...
  12. AANDYY

    The boat that Guy built. BBC1.

    You gonna be watching this Mr. Toad? Looks good :).
  13. Stratman

    Nice boat for sale

    You'll need to put an engine in it though... Here
  14. stats007

    Any boat owners on board?

    The pun was inexcusable I know :o. Any members with a stink boat? Am thinking about buying a cuddy or a RIB for use on the solent.
  15. KillerHERTZ

    SLS AMG Inspires New Cigarette Racing Boat

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Inspires New Cigarette Racing Boat Two legendary performance brands - Mercedes AMG and Cigarette Racing - unveiled a custom Cigarette Racing boat and the SLS AMG, which inspired its design, at a special preview at the Miami International Boat Show on Thursday, February...
  16. Darrell

    Boat horsepower

    I had a nose around one of the boatyard/storage yards today and some of the boats there are packing some serious horse power. Now, I am no expert but one boat, not huge, was loaded up with 2 x 300hp Mercury engines. This is more power than a Porsche but the boat doesn't go as quick as a...
  17. 230K

    Stolen boat on Gumtree advice needed

    Hi A friend of mine got a little speedboat stolen from home about a year ago and has spotted what looks like it on Gumtree. The thing is the gumtree ad only has email facility no phone numbers listed on ad. There is a little Google map showing where the seller is located. Question is...
  18. Howard

    Shortest boat ever to do Atlantic Crossing :crazy:
  19. D

    Three men left with boat as tide claims 4x4

    Where not to park
  20. glojo

    Identify this boat

    My brother was out for a walk and took a picture of these boats, he has asked if I know what make the craft is on the rear right back-ground? If I were to guess I would say a Sunseeker but rather than 'open mouth' I thought I would ask the panel. Who can name the make of boat and who can...
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