1. D-18

    RIP - Bob Hoover

    The aviation enthusiasts on the forum will know the name Bob Hoover who has died aged 94. There are plenty of You Tube clips of his airshow displays - his signature trick was where he poured...
  2. Stratman

    Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature

    I suppose someone has to.
  3. Stratman


    Post deleted
  4. grober

    Bob Harris: My Nashville

    Bob Harris: My Nashville - yes Whispering Bob dares to reveal to folks everything You Always Wanted to Know About Country Music in Nashville But Were Afraid to Ask. Highly recommended.:thumb: Michty me he interviews Duane Eddy in the RCA VICTOR Studios--I thought he'd been dead for years...
  5. B

    Bob Hoskins.........RIP

    What rotten news, a very happy actor has left the ranks.......RIP
  6. Alfie

    Bob Crow

    Has died. Sad for his family. A relief for Britain. I guess his council house and £100k PA salary will go to someone else now.
  7. Harrythedog

    For Bob Marley fans

    Amazing version, close your eyes and it could be the man himself Mitchell Brunings - Redemption Song - The Voice Of Holland Season 4 - YouTube
  8. B

    Bob parkes

    I am looking for a headlight transformer for xeon lights for a c270 cdi 2002
  9. SilverSaloon

    RIP Bob Holness

    RIP BBC News - Bob Holness, former Blockbusters host, dies aged 83
  10. Ted

    Saved a few bob yesterday

    The aircon on my CLK has never been particularly fantastic, and I've noticed over the last few weeks it's been getting worse. Nothing too bad, just takes a long time to cool the car down, and struggles a little in the very hot weather. Well, I've been here before in my 210 - cabin filter...
  11. B

    new member bob end

    hi to all looks like i need help already . my wiper arm keeps extending and hiting the window trim . it does not return just stays out ,poss any can help thanks dave(bob end) .
  12. Palfrem

    This has had a few bob spent on it!

    2002 Mercedes 2002 Mercedes Benz C32 AMG Estate in West Midlands "Recent £10K MB overhaul" What would that involve ?
  13. marc777

    Welcome to the forum Bob Strawson

    Liked the biography......... "Self opinionated & bad tempered cynic" ! Should fit in well from what i've seen !! Marc
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