1. poormansporsche

    Recommend a mobile dent bod in SE London please !

    Like it says, If you know anyone ? Regards
  2. walsi

    Clever bod needed

    I might or might not have a problem with my vito 120. Had its first MOT the other day and when we came to check the emissions we had a hell of a job to get any type of reading out of the exhaust (ended up blocking the pipe up with rags). It was suggested that the pipe might be blocked so off i...
  3. B

    hello all - new bod (both to mercs and forums)

    Hello everyone - what a top forum. So much useful info. Am looking at buying an n-reg (w124 - i think) 200 estate. Thankfully, it's blue and not silver - this seems to be very important. Is there anything else i should be looking out for - or any better options? I understand that the 200s...
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