1. clk320x

    After bodyshop

    Ive been given advice to avoid washin car after the bodyshop.. I should be picking it up tomorrow but can't stand it being filthy I'm thinking about cleaning just the non-repaired areas (90% of car) with a microbfibre cloth and sonax detailed? Is there risk of scratching the paint doing this...
  2. clk320x

    Bodyshop Recommendation

    Trying to get a few quotes Can anyone recommend a bodyshop they have used before, some rust/ respray work on the CLK needed :) Need a PERFECT finish, it's been at 2 shops beforehand and they f***** it up.. Location around the Midlands/northampton would be great.. but I can drive...
  3. c180081c

    Dent repair/reliable Bodyshop East Lancashire

    Hi guys, Any recommendations for the above? I've got a long crease down the door and some small scratches that are fairly deep. I know there's a lot of cowboys around. Are there any specifics that need to be adhered to with Mercedes paint? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. clk320x

    Good bodyshop in Northampton

    Ok taken everyone's advice and decided best to get tailgate re-done properly Can anyone recommend a place in Northampton? Cheers
  5. clk320x

    Bad Bodyshop Help

    Hi guys, I had my tailgate resprayed at a bodyshop local to me, ultimately them messed up. To be fair they did a good job painting the actual majority of the tailgate HOWEVER they clearly failed to 'prep' enough. Under the third brake light, it appears that they masked incorrectly or...
  6. T

    car back from bodyshop substandard repair

    I got my car back from bodyshop thursday after repair to a slight dent on wing and scrape to bumper on passenger side. when picked it up i spotted a few minor issuses so siad i wouldnt sign off on work there till had better look at home. now from a distance or to someone who may not be into...
  7. richardgr88

    Pheasant meets A209 CLK 2008 at 60MPH, bodyshop or bonnet

    Well I don't know what the swearing policy is on this rather useful and friendly forum but I'm sure you'll get the picture :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :wallbash: :wallbash: So I was going about my business driving home from work when a pheasant decided it wanted to make friends with a...
  8. M

    S124: now back from the bodyshop!

    Got the car back earlier in the week and I think they’ve done a cracking job! I swapped the badly corroded wheels out for a set of 16” 8 hole’s I picked up cheap on eBay. Looking’ good! Next up, need to get the oily bits sorted out…
  9. D

    Looking for a good bodyshop NW London

    Hi guys - I'm looking for a good bodyshop in NW London or Herts. Any recommendations gratefully received. Cheers, David
  10. nickjonesn4

    Central Scotland bodyshop recommendations

    Ran out of time for the respray work I need done on my e55. Just had a silly money quote in edinburgh compared to what I had been quoted in London. Any recommendations for really good body shop anywhere in central belt thats not a rip off much appreciated. Also any good detailers for post...
  11. M

    Help! bumper respray\replacement bodyshop south east London

    Just finished eating my Easter meal and my sister's neighbor thought his car could shrink and ended up swiping my pride and joys rear bumper whilst parking! :wallbash: Seems to have flexed/cracked the paint of the bumper and left lots of deep scuff marks. Says he will get sorted and...
  12. D

    Mercedes Watford or MK - bodyshop repair experiences?

    Hi All Following a recent accident i'm trying to get quotes for repair on my W211, Watford have said they can pickup the car and provide a estimate. Has anyone ever used them for accident damage repair? i've been having a look and cannot see if they have their own body shop onsite or if they...
  13. K

    Bodyshop in NW london/Herts

    Some vindictive sc*mbag keyed across my bonnet a few days ago when heading back to the car from work. Absolutely livid! Can someone please recommend and a good bodyshop/paint work around Hatfield/St Albans preferably. The scratch is around 7-8 inches across. Does anyone know roughly how much...
  14. Pitts Pilot

    Fantastic bodyshop!

    Got my car back from the bodyshop today. If you are prepared to wait for a really professional job (2 weeks in my case) Dino Ciccotto in Wimbledom is your man. He was recommended by a friend, and I am delighted with the finish his body shop produced. They really DO take a pride in their...
  15. IMD

    Recommendations for a bodyshop in Sussex or Kent for my Silver r129

    Hi all, My R129 SL500 has some very slight rust on the lips of one arch, plus a small bubble on the front of one rear arch. Also a few minor stone chips. It's a silver car and I don't really want to respray the whole car due to the cost. I've got to decide whether to replace the panels or get...
  16. SmartMAC

    Approved my MB bodyshop quality?

    MB bodyshop quality? I got my car back from MB after being resprayed on 3 panels following the red paint issue on my 2011 coupe; bootlid and 2 rear panels. On first inspection at dusk when the car was delivered to me (another story), paint job appeared to be OK, however: After taking the...
  17. Sanke

    Bodyshop... KENT

    Hi all, Can someone recommend me a bodyshop in Kent. I've got some carbon goodies I need added to the car... Front splitter and rear lower diffuser with vortex. Cheers Steve
  18. SK007

    Recommendations for bodyshop in Birmingham /West Midlands?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced bodyshop in Birmingham / West Midlands? I just need a some rust spots removed, painted and few scratches repaired.
  19. developer

    A Decent Bodyshop In The West Midlands

    I'd like to get both side skirts re-sprayed as they aren't as good as the rest of the car. Any recommendations for a quality West Midlands body shop please? Thanks,
  20. S

    Recommend a bodyshop in or near Cambridge please

    Hello all Can anyone recommend a bodyshop in or near Cambridge please? Thanks in advance Steve
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