1. ash59fifty-uk

    Reputable Bodyshops in Northants/surrounding

    Hey peeps After a decent bodyshop to get my bonnet sprayed, providing they do a good job I'd have them do my front bumper too SO picky with things like this, I've trawled through Google and have found some that look okay, but they either have mixed reviews or reviews that are few years old...
  2. C

    W203 rust any good bodyshops?

    Hi I have a 2003 Mercedes C-Class W203, I have the usual problem of rust, I have had a local bodyshop quote me £815 + vat :(, does anybody in the west midlands/Walsall area know of any bodyshop that don't cost the earth? Many Thanks Chris
  3. N

    Good Bodyshops in and around London

    Hey guys some one knocked into my drivers side door and now it wont open can anyone recommend good body shops in and around london.
  4. N

    Bodyshops in North Hampshire

    First of all, hi everyone !! Its my first post on here, but have been loitering for a few weeks. Just taken delivery of an 03 C32 Estate......great car, had it in for a healthcheck and theres a few little things that need sorting which I can over a short period. Main thing I want to get sorted...
  5. P

    Don't you just love bodyshops sometimes....

    Been polishing a black CLK320 today, It had just been to the bodyshop for the bonnet and passanger side to be painted due to being keyed. This is how it returned...... After I tested an area with the polsiher. The car was covered in lacquer overspray and buffer swirls...
  6. aquanaut

    insurance companies & bodyshops

    Hello all, reading the other thread re car insurance got me thinking back to when i had a minor prang and hassles with the approved bodyshop. So i am curious when it comes time to reinsure your pride and joy does everyone go for the cheapest quote they can or do you consider the companies...
  7. R

    Bodyshops (rust treat/paint) North london/South Herts? Recommendations please

    Hi, (Slightly different area to the SE London/Kent thread) So, I've a bonnet/front end peppered in stone chips that have gone a bit rusty, the underside of the bonnet has a few rust spots, a couple of rust spots on the A-pillars, and a couple of touch-ups around the car. Anyone recommend...
  8. A

    Bodyshops around South East London/Kent

    any1 know good quality body shops around south east london/kent or near bluewater?
  9. davethemus

    Bodyshops in Scotland?

    Got a W202C280 and i am looking to have it resprayed, could somebody please let me know if there is any good bodyshops in Scotland preferably in Glasgow. Cheers.
  10. ppp666

    Front Bumper Repair - Bodyshops

    Hey all, I'm in need of some help here, my lovely W208 has been damaged in a knock into the front wall of my house, wait for it..while I was away on business...leaving the car at my folks, my old man hit the front wall tearing the bumper on the passenger side. Can anyone recommend a body...
  11. PeterE320Cdi

    Why don't bodyshops use rust inhibitor?

    Why don't bodyshops use rust inhibitors? Well I took my car in to the bodyshop yesterday for the rust repairs detailed in this thread. Got a phone call today saying that once they started stripping the car it looks a lot worse...
  12. A

    Respraying bumpers - good bodyshops around West Surrey?

    I have an opportunity to get an AMG rear bumper for my W203. I'm really keen to get it as I've just got hold of a C32 AMG exhaust system that I'm due to get modded to fit my C320. I can get this rear bumper pretty cheap (well for nothing of a mate who's had his replaced after some insurance...
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