1. tron

    S203 bodywork.

    I am given to understand that a post 2003/Q2 built car is galvanised. so, firstly, is this true, secondly, is it effective? I would very much like my next car to be another Mercedes but I really do not want the experience souring with cancer of the coachwork. Were the post 2002 cars better or...
  2. M

    Unintentional W210 bodywork 'resto'

    Thought I might as well create this as a separate thread since it seems to be turning into a project despite my original intentions... I picked up this 1997 V6 e320 from cozy's dad initially just because I didn't want to see it broken for spares before someone had checked if it was worth...
  3. N

    Clean bodywork

    Hi guys, some may think this is a silly pos, but, I was wondering why my C320 estate 2003 has such a great body for its age? I tracked down the only other owners it's had, and at no time has the vehicle had any paintwork fine on it. She gas done 114,000 miles on an 03 plate, but still she has an...
  4. B

    Thoroughly recommend Tony Fowkes for Bodywork

    Just to thank the Forum for pointing me in the direction of Andy at Tony Fowkes to get my ML sorted after its run-in with a wheelie bin. Can't believe how good it looks and he relacquered the two black pillars at the back that had flaked off over the 12 years the car's been on the road. Sent...
  5. D

    Romford/London area bodywork recommendations

    Any of you got any tried and tested bodywork specialist s? I need to get my w204 estate ready for sale. Should just need a good clean and polish. There are a few scratches that need attention and a little damage on the front bumper. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    S124 Bodywork part 2

    It’s beginning to come together!
  7. Palfrem

    It has slight bodywork issues but apart from that the car is immaculate

    W123 mercedes benz 200 auto | eBay I'll not comment further
  8. M

    S124 Bodywork part 1

    Some progress on my wagon, I'm beginning to get excited - can't wait to get it back on the road now!
  9. F

    W208 CLK convertible with factory fited AMG bodywork

    Small plate covering the jacking point to the nearside front has been nicked. Anyone know the part identification so that a replacement can be ordered ... cheers
  10. Growy16

    Custom bodywork

    Peeps. The C63 Stage 3 Weistec is coming along nicely at MSL. My next issue is that I want to get 315 rears and 255 fronts to assist with the application of the additional grunt. I don't want to fit a BS kit, I would prefer a custom build. I want to widen the arches to accommodate the larger...
  11. C

    C126/sec bodywork recommendation?

    Folks, looking for a recommendation for bodywork, rear screen/seal and headliner replacement on my SEC. I'm based in north London and have read good things about Vanleigh coachworks in Surrey especially re their SEC knowledge. My rear parcel shelf has been done in 2014 but the screen seal looks...
  12. DSB SL AMG

    Mercedes Classics Bodywork Specialist...

    Exceptional work, mostly on stuff pre 2000 back to Pagoda SL...Mercedes Owners Club approved restorer...completely under sealed my R129 today with Germanic Wax-Oil:thumb:+ fitting of new bonnet Insulation pad. Located Manchester. Welcome to Gratt Motor Company
  13. C

    W202 c250td - tuning and bodywork... (Future buyer)

    Hello all, I don't own a Mercedes yet, but I'm a fan of diseasels and diseasel tuning so naturally I'm drawn towards the om605 engine. And I love the look of the saloon w202 so would like to own a diesel one, but one that isn't slow. Or petrol. I'm not in the market for one just yet but I...
  14. G

    cost of bodywork repair to new GLC

    Hi Folks Merry Christmas, Anyhow in an attempt to ruin my Xmas I managed to scratch my new GLC whilst reversing round the corner of the house epic :fail. Managed to dent the panel with the fuel cap on it and put deep gouges in the bumper panel and black wheel arch trim. Image attached...
  15. H

    My S124 bodywork restoration album- before and after

    Here's a link to some of the work recently done my daily s124 e320: They aren't ordered properly, but will show the condition before and after the works. Wasn't that bad in terms of rust- just the jacking points really. Enjoy!
  16. M

    Bodywork - Bumper respray

    Hi All, Been a while - Hope you are all well. I've had my car reversed into today (bumper damage) but a re-spray should suffice. It was a genuine mistake and I don't want to be too harsh and insist on a Mercedes repair (unless there is a compelling reason)? Can anyone recommend...
  17. S

    W202 Bodywork

    Hi, I have a red 1994 W202 C180 Elegance. It has been part of our family since new and it is in very nice condition... expect for dreaded wheel arch rust and other patches. One wing is really bad and probably needs replacing. Also, there are a lot of 'spots' over the general body work...
  18. V

    Any good bodywork places in South East to paint and fit W124 front wing?

    Can anyone recommend a bodyshop in the South East (preferably Surrey) to paint and fit a new front wing for my 1996 W124 coupe? Cheers. Jude
  19. N

    Black Bodywork?

    Hi All, Someone has "dinked"my C220 estate n/side boot pillar.A small dent,which probably needs filling and painting. The colour of the car is Black on the registration certificate,but I can see a very dark blue in certain lights. Any ideas out there? TIA. sorry-double post(trigger...
  20. N

    Black Bodywork?

    Hi All, Someone has "dinked"my C220 estate n/side boot pillar.A small dent,which probably needs filling and painting. The colour of the car is Black on the registration certificate,but I can see a very dark blue in certain lights. Any ideas out there? TIA.
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