1. Timster

    Mercedes in a bog - time for a new one!

    So driving home from our holiday in Orkney yesterday. 30 miles south of john o groats. The car didn't go the same direction as the road and we ended up in a bog! Three of us in the car - my pregnant wife (driving) my 3 year old son and me (and the dog). High speed (approx 55mph) skid. 360 spin...
  2. J

    Bog standard 190

    Here she is. Rescued from Ebay and in need of some TLC. She's had new innards in the clutch master cylinder, new fluids all through and a bit of polish. Needs new exhaust, rear discs and steering damper. Could do with new plugs but I'm afraid to pull the plug caps. I've tried, half...
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