1. G

    Old boiler !

    Hello chaps. Any heating engineers on here please? Am looking for guidance/suggestions. The 30 year old boiler in my house has just packed up as the gas injectors are shot and are no longer available as replacement parts as such I am told full boiler replacement is required. My excellent but...
  2. markjay

    Ferroli Modena 27C HE Combi Boiler for Sale As above.... never used. Bought new last month, installed two weeks ago, then immediately removed - it did not fit the application. In original (open) box. Photos to follow. Collection from St...
  3. A

    Random boiler question

    Hi all had a bit of bother with my boiler. Kept loosing presure and had to keep topping it up, called out the gas man and he unblocked and small pipe attached to a presure valve, it was full of sludge/gunk. When he'd fixed the problem I was advised to have it power flushed at a cost of...
  4. N

    Good boiler repair men in and around London?

    Hey guys need some boiler work doing and was just wondering if any forum members know of any good fixed price boiler repair men in and around london. Thanks Niket
  5. Danny DeVito

    Grant 60/90 burner stuck in boiler

    has anyone an easy way to remove it ? I removed the top nut and i may have cracked the flange trying to pry it loose.
  6. Spinal

    Boiler Advice

    I'm getting to the point where I think I need to change my boiler; which is probably older than I am. I've been lookng around, gotten some quotes, checked which? and generally have done some reading, but one thing I can't get to terms is the power rating. I live in a 4 bedroom house (9...
  7. M

    What would you offer your tenant? Boiler issues

    Hi all Just looking for some forum thoughts please. Boiler has been down since 29th Aug as it was declared unsafe on the annual landlords check. The boiler has been fully serviced and insured. Any work done previously was authorised by the insurance company and carried out by 'gas safe'...
  8. Dieselman

    System boiler required

    Can anyone offer decent advice on new system boilers rated at 8Kwh? Which are the most and least reliable?
  9. markjay

    Which Boiler?

    Boiler buying time... :) I think I'll stick to Vaillant, this is what we have now and it seems lime a good brand. Looks like we will change the system from the current separate boiler and (gravity-fed) tank to a combo - to save the space taken by the tank. So probably Vaillant EchTec or...
  10. Harrythedog

    Which boiler from these two?

    I'm looking to get a new boiler and I've narrowed it down to these two so any advice from the experts on here will be greatly appreciated. 1) Intergas Combi 36/30 or 2) Valiant Ecotec Exclusive 838 Combi Internet reviews are the usual minefield with some loving and some hating the same...
  11. N

    And another boiler not working question.

    On Friday morning my boiler, a Potterton Suprima, failed to ignite. Called a mate of a mate who is a proper gas engineer & who had replaced the PCB & red wire about a year ago. Despite 3 or 4 calls he hasn't appeared yet & we are cold. Judging from the number of posts on here about boilers he...
  12. T

    Another boiler question

    My boiler packed up last week and had to have a new PCB fitted for a not insubstantial cost. Trouble is having spoken to boiler engineer and Googled the make/ model, it seems its notorious for being, well, a crap boiler. Any recommendations for good boiler cover/ care plans? Or all they all a...
  13. Stratman

    Central heating boiler experts

    The boiler is an Ariston Euro Combi A23/A27 MFFI The problem is the heating keeps short cycling (On for 20 seconds, off for 30, on for 60s, off for 20 and so on) and while it is heating there is an intermittent rapid clicking noise like a relay chattering which I think is coming from the gas...
  14. marty359

    Oil boiler and tank price

    I started a thread about moving an oil tank a couple of months ago but when I cleared the area I found a manhole cover :doh: so that put an end to that idea. Things have changed slightly and im going to replace...
  15. Harrythedog

    Anybody got an Intergas boiler

    I need a new boiler and have been trawling the net and came across the Intergas brand, has anyone any knowledge of these?
  16. Tan

    Baxi Boiler

    Hi I need to buy a Boiler and the council say that we need one with a gas saver thingy... I have been recommended a Baxi Duo-tec 2 - 28 GA High Efficiency Combi Boiler with a Gas Saver GS 1. As we have such a wide range of experts here, I wonder if anyone can help me get a good price...
  17. grober

    Jompy Boiler

    Sometimes the simplest inventions are the best. The Jompy boiler being a case in point. Jompy Invented by a Scottish plumber and destined to save thousands perhaps millions of young third world lives from misery and possibly death. Step forward David Osborne and take a bow. :thumb:
  18. d w124

    Any boiler experts on the house

    I`ve a glow warm Betacom and having a bit of a problem with the central heating The boiler works fine on the water side of it but no heating.There is a light that stays on and the manual says it`s a fault with the CH sensor but that`s when the light flashes not stay on all the time Any help
  19. Tan

    Boiler controls

    Hi In our current house the agents have just replaced the boiler with a new condensing boiler but they have not installed a digital timer control or thermostat. Is this normal? The landlord lives overseas so had no input in what has gone in, I am slightly annoyed as the timer on the boiler...
  20. Dryce

    New Boiler Cost?

    BG quoted a friend for a new combi boiler for a small bungalow. She has four quotes - all inc VAT: Local company (a) £1200 ish (Vokera boiler + 2 year guarantee) Local company (b) £1600 ish (Ariston boiler + 5 year guarantee) Local company (c) £1800 ish (Worcester Bosch 28i) Now BG are...
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