1. marty359

    Anyone familiar with Firebird C20 oil boilers?

    Been away for 3 weeks and I normally turn the boiler off but it loses pressure and takes ages to bleed and get running again. This time I left it on, it has a thermal store so thought it would just look after itself, got back on Wednesday and we had hot water for showers, Friday wife rings and...
  2. trapperjohn

    Central Heating Boilers.

    So the old Worcester Bosch 28CDI of 1998 vintage is giving us some grief at the moment and we are out of maintenance contract. (My fault took a gamble that it would not break down as it has been very reliable thus far - Murphy's Law strikes) This week it has had replaced over a 3 day period...
  3. Satch

    Central heating boilers

    May need a new boiler soon and asking around. Astonished to be told that thanks to EU Laws on Grennhouse gasses very soon you will only be able to have a Condensing Boiler fitted! These are damn expensive and said to be nowhere as good as they are cracked up to. What is more, told that no...
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