1. DrFeelgood

    SLK Boing!

    Not sure which section this sits so will try here first. My Mrs has been complaining about a boing in the boot of the SLK, now she often does this kind of thing - sometimes it just 'farty' or 'holding back' and sometimes 'feels like it's going to conk out' so I was a bit sceptical. I took...
  2. ringway


    Parked on the kerb on Friday night. Pulled away and gently dropped down on to the road. I did feel and hear something but with a car full of chattering Ringways, thought I'd look at it in the morning. :o Looks like I need a pair of front springs for my 124 230 TE. I'm guessing the springs are...
  3. F


    afternoon folks, everynow and then in my Y reg SLK, i heard a kinga BOING noise from behind me, like metal under tension. I don't know what it is or whether to worry about it... it's not that often and I suppose I usually hear it when in reverse, but sometimes I hear it going forward too. the...
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