1. DirtyDribbla

    Drivers bolster. Reupholster or replace?

    Helooo No one seems to want to touch the big hole in my drivers seat bolster. Anyone is south west recommended to make a repair? I'd take a pic but the car is 200 miles away in storage. Would it be cheaper just to replace, if so any good places to obtain original 124 parts? Noob:bannana:
  2. M

    worn black bolster leather seats, I have the Dye

    just paid £100 for black leather dye (one with paint inside) , my new mercedes was in a poor way, now fully restored in around 6 minutes just need to really clean the area with washing up liquid or something good, then apply twice reason for this new thread is I have so much left over and...
  3. T

    Repairs to leather seat bolster in C124?

    Can any one of you good people recommend someone who can do a decent repair to the leather on the drivers seat of my newly acquired C124? If not, what temporary measures can I take to prevent it getting worse? Gaffer tape springs to mind, but it might look a bit unsightly & make it worse in...
  4. K

    Solutions for side bolster wear on leather seats?

    Hi guys, I picked up a 2013 C63 with black leather seats a couple of days ago and want to sort out the wear on the side bolster as well as some creasing on the edge of the base as well. Does anyone have any exprience fixing this? I looked into Gliptone liquid leather solution but not sure...
  5. BigChap

    C63 seat bolster repair/dye (black)

    I've only got very light scratches on the bolster but its enough to show a bit of white through, anyone used this product or recommend any others? -
  6. I

    w124 250TD, lovely bolster, bit scabby!

    mercedes 250 diesel estate ideal export | eBay I'll have to have a little bid at this.
  7. D

    r129 bolster repair

    hi wife went out sat night with a couple of her mates,...I now have one ripped bolster on the passenger seat.....nobody knows anything,typical,anybody recommend an upholstery repair in the bham area..any idea of a rough price?? cheers d.h..
  8. haggis2768

    seat bolster repair

    whats the best way to deal with holed seat bolster on a 95 E220 coupe,with grey leather.would rather not change the seat???
  9. M

    300te drivers seat bolster?

    Hello Is there any advice on repairing/replacing the drivers seat bolster? My seats are Beige/Creamy colour and the drivers seat is worn on its edge.
  10. D

    w124 convertible drivers side wet on the bolster only

    any owners of the above model i need some help the window is tight shut but rain water is wets just the bolster and the base (nearest to window), window is shut tight. any ideas is it the seal on the drivers side on the soft top is letting it through or elsewhere like between the seal and the...
  11. I

    Bolster Wear – unreliable evidence?

    Hi All, I’m just about to go for the 300/24 sportline I’ve been looking at. The wear to the bolster is high (I think) for a vehicle with 90 k miles, but probably means nothing more than the driver was either large, or elderly, or clumsy, or short, or overweight – elementary, my Dear...
  12. D

    W124 Driver's Seat driver's side bolster

    It's worn and it looks a bit tatty. Stealer quoted me for a replacement in stock! From memory £160ish for the mushroom cloth upper seat covering. Q: How easy to fit it? Is it something I can figure out myself or is it complicated? Does the seat have to come out? Cheers Les
  13. Mambo

    Seat Side Bolster

    I have the inflatable seats in my C43 (you can infalte the bolsters, back rest and lower section). It seem the one of the inflatable bags in the side bolster on the drivers seat has dislodged itself and is inflating the wrong part of the seat :crazy: I took off the back section of the...
  14. A

    Wearing side bolster on W124

    From a few years of 6' me squeezing into the seat after my 5' wife had been driving we now have some pretty severely worn cloth on our E280 (W124) seat bolster that is looking a bit of an eyesore and will only get worse. What is the best solution? How easy to repair, or will it need...
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