1. C

    how much wheel bolt should go into hub?

    Hello, looking for feedback from those who have fitted aftermarket wheels and spacers. I am thinking that the wheel bolts currently fitted are not long enough. From what I can see, there is only around 10mm of bite on them... Any comments? Untitled by chris pollin, on Flickr Untitled...
  2. M.A.94

    Trolly jack + long bolt in jacking point

    I've seen a few people do this now. Putting a long bolt in the slot for the spare wheel jack and then using a trolly jack to lift the car from the bolt. (See image below) I can kind of see this working as the jacking point where the bolt is placed is where the emergency boot jack would...
  3. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Help! Need wheel bolt size for W639 Vito Mark 2

    I need new M14x1.5 wheel bolts for my W639's new alloy wheels. Long enough to be secure but not so long that they foul the handbrake mechanism in the rear drum/disc. Can anyone please tell me how far they should protrude from the back of the wheel in mm? Bolts were supplied with the wheels...
  4. R

    W211 E63 head bolt issue...

    How common is this on these cars. I'm looking at this: Mercedes-Benz E Class 6.2 E63 AMG 7G-Tronic 4dr Is it something that will happen sooner or later??
  5. S

    2013 E250 rear brake caliper mounting bolt access

    I'm replacing the brake disks and pads on my 2013 E250 Coupe. I did the fronts no problem and had intended to do the rears last weekend, however the upper caliper mounting bolt is obscured by a vertical tie bar of some sort, and clearance is limited such that you can't get a 37mm long 18mm 1/2"...
  6. lfckeeper

    Spinning bolt

    You may have seen my thread in the general section regarding a elongation of the hole in the subframe where the front control arm bolts on. This has now been welded and seems fine When the bolt was placed back in the mechanic said it just span round and wouldn't tighten. He showed me it...
  7. N

    Cross threaded wheel bolt CLC

    I have over tightened the wheel bolt on my CLC so that one of the bolts does not come undone ! Silly I know, but I was worried that they may be too loose and do not have a torque wrench ! Took the car to a tyre centre and they ran a mile so looking for possible solutions. I believe that it...
  8. M.A.94

    Engine casing bolt rounded

    One of the torx bolts is completely rounded on my engine cover/case. Whats the easiest way to get the at least the head of the bolt of so the case can be removed? I've tried getting mole grips around it but the bolt is indented making it impossible for the mole grips to grip the bolt. Thanks
  9. D

    C63 wheel bolt torque setting?

    Removing my wheels at the weekend to give them a good clean and sealant before the winter sets in and wondered if anyone can confirm the correct torque settings for the wheel bolts? Ive read somewhere 130Nm? Thanks in advanced
  10. D

    W211 Thermostat housing bolt - can anyone tell me what bolt it is?

    Gave the new car its first service (by me) today. I replaced the thermostat at the same time as it seemed to be running cool. After the job already having taken too long due to having to run out and get the special tool for the oil filter, to my horror, when doing up one of thermostat housing...
  11. andy27168

    55k Charger Tensioner Pulley Bolt

    Has anyone changed their supercharger belt tensioner recently? that might have the old one still lying around? I need the centre pulley bolt off it as I have rounded off the internal Torx splines on mine :doh: I want to replace the bearing on the pulley.
  12. 350_Coupe

    CL203 Rear number plate bolt problem fix

    ok, the simple task of changing the rear number plate on my 203 Coupe caused me more of a headache than i expected, so figured i'd post the fix here, in the hope it helps someone else in the future. Originally, before i purchased my car, it was on private plates, and the garage that swapped...
  13. R

    C63 brake disc change caliper bolt question

    Hi All - Planning on doing a full disc change on my facelift C63 as they are getting close to service limit. It has standard steel discs and grey calipers. Anybody know the following? Front caliper retaining bolt size & torque setting? Torx disc retaining screw size? Rear caliper...
  14. J

    C63 head bolt replacement?

    I've been in the market for a c63 for a few months. Ideally looking at facelift but my budget is only stretching to the early facelifts and estates under 30k are thin on the ground. I'm tempted to look at a few pre-facelifts. Does anyone know the cost of the head bolt job?
  15. P

    Bolt in valves.

    Hi, I am looking to fit bolt in tyre valves on a set of 1980's UK made Penta 8x16 rims for a W126, I am wondering whether anyone could tell me what the valve hole size is ? There seems to be a couple of different tyre valve hole sizes from 15.8mm to 9mm, and a couple in between. My feeling is...
  16. 5439

    SL63 AMG "Top up coolant" Head Bolt Failure on M156 Engine

    I have a broken head bolt on my 37k mile 2008 SL63. It all started with a "Top up coolant" warning as I was driving up the M1. Thank God for my MB Tier 1 warranty :crazy:
  17. whirsk

    C124 Wheel bolt problem

    Hi Folks I just got a set of monoblock 17" replicas. Fitted them this afternoon to find that the original wheel bolts are now too long and are proud of the new rims. Just wondering has anyone encountered this before ? Perhaps images will help. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  18. S

    wheel bolt size

    Hi.Ive just pulled my r129 320 out of hibernation and am wanting to fit new wheelbolts.The alloy wheels have AMG stamped on them.The inside has AMG and also OZ racing stamped on it.If they are gen amg wheels what size bolts are needed 12 or 14m? The car is 1994 and wheel size 17inch.
  19. H

    Different wheel bolt to fit e55 to w203

    Just looking at wheels even though i said i wouldnt, and found a nice set of AMG wheels from an E55 AMG, all is good as far as fitment except the bolt which go from M12 to M14 for my w203, is it as straight forward as that the PCD looks identical apart from offset of 37 to 38. Thanks
  20. legonutter

    W203 C270 cdi Bolt ons

    Hey I was wondering if any bolt on parts exist ie bigger injectors turbo upgrades and so on
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