1. BIG_G_1979

    advice on fitting camber bolts w211

    Hi guys since lowering my E via springs it is scrubbing the inside edge of tyres badly due to neg camber, ive have bought camber bolts from merc and was hoping you guys could explain on how to fit them, do's/donts pitfalls etc. I have access to a car lift. Do I need to support bottom arm when...
  2. K

    W209 CLK500 Camber Bolts

    May I have some advise please folks (and apologies if this subject has been covered in some length before - Couldnt find a previous CLK topic for it) I'll be getting the alignment (camber/cast/etc.) on a hunter machine next few weeks but aware I need to pick these up rear camber bolts before...
  3. Londonscottish

    Question about wheel bolts

    Hi I'm about to fit some E Class Sport 18's to replace the existing Avantgarde 17's. Does anyone have any idea if I can re-use my existing bolts?
  4. BarryWhitt

    Correct torque for wheel bolts?

    C Class 200 Sport 2017 Anyone know how tight to do the wheel bolts up please?
  5. M

    Adjustable Camber Bolts

    Hi Folks, I am currently enjoying the 2010 C63 AMG PP which I bought last week, as the 15.8mpg testifies! I have been reading some of the posts about premature and uneven tyre wear and am currently looking into purchasing adjustable (after market - K-Mac) toe / camber bolts and having the...
  6. H

    W163 wheel bolts

    Hi, I have just bought a genuine set of 18" AMG alloys to replace the 22" aftermarket wheels on my W163 ML55, My confusion is, do I need tapered or radius bolts? Both seem listed on that auction site. If anyone has a genuine set with locking bolts and tool, that would be great
  7. Grovsie31

    Another rusty bolts thread

    Last year i painted my old wheel bolts, and there looking pretty tatty now, i was going to buy some more from MB, but im pretty sure they will just go rusty again. Are zinc plated ones any good from the likes of alloywheeldirect etc? i assume proper stainless steel ones arent available?
  8. kam09

    Black wheel bolts

    Guys, where's the best place to purchase x20 black wheel bolts from (to go on replica alloys)? And how can I confirm the exact size of my current oem bolts? Needed for my 2011 w207
  9. V

    C63 castor bolts?

    My C63 is going into Mercedes tomorrow for alignment after another dealiership couldn't get it right. They have ordered Castor bolts in to get it within spec, my car prev had camber bolts fitted by mb too. Has anyone had castor bolts fitted to their car? One of the excuses mb made was sometimes...
  10. Z

    2006 CLS 320 CDI Brake caliper bolts torque

    hi does anybody know the torque setting for the front brake caliper bolts to hub going to replace pads and discs soon cheers regards harry
  11. mat8n

    S Class W221 wheel bolts?

    I'm after some new bolts for my wheels as the ones that are on are rounding off! I have the 19" AMG alloys(not sure what the name is)'s them in the picture. Does anyone know what size i'll need please?
  12. tcb180

    Camber correction bolts

    I have two Camber Correction Febi Bolt Kits which I bought with the intention of fitting to my 2007 E320 CDi Unfortunately I've picked up an injury and I am unable to fit these. I had to have my Indy do the work but he will only fit genuine Mercedes Parts hence the reason for selling these...
  13. B

    w202 | rims bolts and tyre

    Guys I have a w202 featuring 15inch rims and tyres. I have bought 16inch ones from a sport version They are 7J 16 H2 ET37 5x112 They are basicaly compatible with my model 2 questions : My actual bolds are too short. They are 50mm long. What lengh should i buy for those rims...
  14. N

    Wanted CLC locking bolts B66470143 & bolts B66470143

    Hi Can anyone assist in terms of locating replacement set of 4 wheel locking nuts Mercedes original B66470143 and 16 bolts A0009901007 looking for new or very good rust free condition. They are required for my CLC 220 CDI WDB203. Many thanks Nikki
  15. D

    Full set (20) Genuine Mercedes wheel bolts

    I have a full set (x20) of brand new genuine Mercedes wheel bolts. I bought these for my W204 c class however I never got around to fitting them and I've subsequently sold the car. Price: £35 including postage. I believe these also fit W204 W211 C209 W164 + other models
  16. P

    Rust wheel bolts

    I no longer own a merc ...but I have to say that the C200 was the best car I've owned. As I was clearing the boot of my focus today( I know) I found a cover that I'd bought online many years ago ... To cover up the rusty wheel bolts ... I simply searched Mercedes wheel bolt covers ... Just an...
  17. S

    CL500 5.5 2009 suspension bolts?

    I noticed some of the bolts on the Suspension arms have that crinkle cut. Are these TX E or some call them Torx bolt heads? I.e. Do I need the female socket for these. [e.g. E20, E22 and E24??] Other question, can one buy genuine MB small components for the brake calipers? I.e. the metal...
  18. T5R+

    Wheel Bolts Lubricate? & Torque

    What is the consensus on applying, eg Copperslip, before refitting alloy wheels? Assume preferential to oil or grease. Also anyone know the correct torque settings for (21" AMG) rims onto an ML W164.
  19. gunning

    Which wheel bolts for a w201

    What wheel bolts do I need for a w201 190e please? I thought it was m12 X 1.5 35mm for alloys but it turns out I'm wrong.
  20. C

    W126 AMG Aero 1 - bolts?

    Hello peeps, can anyone advise if I need longer threaded bolts when fitting Aero 1 to a 89 SEC? A trial fit earlier today suggests the standard bolts were fully engaged but the wheel was still loose. Thanks
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