1. markjay

    Bomber Command memorial

    BBC News - Bomber Command fliers in their own words 'A memorial to the 55,573 airmen of Bomber Command who died taking the fight to Nazi Germany during World War II is to be unveiled by the Queen. It is an act of remembrance that, for some, will be controversial.' Good old beeb lost their...
  2. Merc Owner 2B

    Lockerbie bomber Megrahi 'in hospital for blood transfusion'

    Won't be shedding any tears over this one............... BBC News - Lockerbie bomber Megrahi 'in hospital for blood transfusion'
  3. Palfrem

    Bomber Boys

    One word Brilliant! God bless the old boys.
  4. Godot

    Colin and Ewan McGregor fly an original Lancaster Bomber - Bomber Boys - BBC One

    _4wM0iLymz4 Colin and Ewan McGregor follow up their BBC One “BATTLE OF BRITAIN” with a film exploring BOMBER COMMAND, a rarely told story of WW2. The film will focus primarily on the men who fought and died in the skies above occupied Europe - with numerous examples of individual heroism...

    Wellington Bomber doco on BBC4 now

    BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Wellington Bomber :thumb:
  6. grasmere

    suicide (dive) bomber pidgeons - in pairs

    Any ornithologists out there that may be able to explain this please? My wife, Sue, noticed yesterday a mark on an upstairs window that looked like an imprint of a bird that had hit the window smack on, complete with feather details of chest and wings. Bizzarre we thought . . . This...
  7. Flyer

    Suspected Suicide bomber shot and killed

    On BBC News24 now ...
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