1. I

    The name's Bond.....

    Basildon Bond, of course! And you'd need some to write your will on before taking any chances in this charmer from the Good Old Days in todays traffic!! BOND MINICAR MKG ESTATE THE MOTORWAY MINICAR 1962 COMPANY DEMONSTATOR 250 TWIN | eBay
  2. Conquistador

    New James Bond film title announced...

    BBC News - Spectre to be title of next James Bond film Sounds like it's going back to the old Bonds, first Casino Royal, now 'Spectre'... SPECTRE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And here's his car for the 2015 film, the DB10: Anyone else see a bit of the new AMG GT in that?
  3. bpsorrel

    Bond Cars

    An interesting correlation between sales of Bond movie tickets and the cars he's used... just for fun. :)
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Bond... James Bond

  5. Dieselman

    Top Gear, Bond cars.

    I've just been watching this and it's really quite interesting and sometimes funny. Typical British Company thinking in the early car placement. :doh: BBC iPlayer - Top Gear: 50 Years of Bond Cars: A Top Gear Special
  6. C240Sport97

    50 years of Bond Cars .. tonight 9pm

    on BBC2 and BBC HD not sure if this has already been posted. being presented by the shorty.
  7. B

    New Bond

    saw it last night and got to say it was very good. Daniel Craig really brings something extra to the role IMHO and is fast becoming a contender for my favourite Bond. Film has all the usual crash bang wallop action... car chases, plane chases, big set piece stunts and plenty of eye candy...
  8. NW_Merc

    James Bond's "Living Daylights" Aston
  9. mercmanuk

    omega seamaster professional bond watch

    LARGE OMEGA SEAMASTER PROFESSIONAL DIVERS 300m/1000ft AUTOMATIC CHRONOMETER BLUE WAVE BOND DIAL FULL STEEL HELIUM ESCAPE VALVE MEN'S WATCH Full Packing and papers The dial and crystal are in excellent condition. The case is in very good condition. The bracelet is near exellent, the...
  10. Bobby Dazzler

    James Bond Casino Royale - £5.99 plus VAT at Costco

    Not much to add other than that's around half the price are advertising it for £14.49 - and it was only released yesterday.
  11. Maff

    James Bond

    I was lucky enough to go to the premiere of Casino Royale last night, and what can I say....... WOW! I had a bit of an open mind on what it would be like, after watching the last few recent Bond's before I went, but it really is really really really good !!! Craig does make an excellent Bond...
  12. mobeyone

    Bond.... James Bond

    We have a new role model !! I think he will do an excellent job - anyone seen layer cake? Brilliant film!
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