1. brucemillar

    C55 gone bonkers

    Help please: c55 W203 2004. Occasionally when you put it into gear (D) or (R) in any mode. It starts to blip the throttle. This is a rythmic blipping and requires foot on brake to hold the car. It will eventually stop as you reach about 20mph but then stalls the engine if you brake hard to a...
  2. mercmad321

    Wtf??? Radio gone bonkers

    I have a W212 250 cdi with audio50/nav,today listening to radio with no problem until i filled up with fuel,on restarting the car the radio started emitting strange noises which sounded like the speakers were on the way out,also the DJ'S sounded muffled and distorted ,the nav, cd and aux/ipod...
  3. jojolonomo

    My wife thinks I'm bonkers, but...

    I've just replaced my 14 year old 320E with an AMG E63. Thought I'd better join the club in case (when) things need fixing!
  4. w124nut

    The World is Going Bonkers

    On Sky news: A 92 year old great-grandmother from Harlow, Essex, who was purchasing a bottle of whisky initially believed that the cashier serving her at the local One Stop shop was complimenting her when she was asked for ID. The shop cashier was not joking, her request was serious. She...
  5. Peter DLM

    My alarm went bonkers today.... at 2am !

    Of course, it wasn't going to have a fit any any other time of day is it...nooooo, 2am in the morning! :wallbash: It sounds once, then goes quiet for a while, then sounds again. So I unlocked the car which obviously disabled the alarm. I then had a quick scratch and ponder about my life as I...
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Cars you always wanted, and could possibly buy if you were completely bonkers!!

    I've wanted loads of cars over the years, but one that sticks in my mind more than most is the Aston Martin Lagonda, ideally in pale metallic blue. Ever since I saw it in the 1984 David Bellamy I-Spy Book of Cars I wanted one. I can literally remember the moment as clear as anything. Stood...
  7. Howard

    Slightly Bonkers CLK (shame its in the States) Mmmmmmmmm very nice ........
  8. Satch

    Road Angel going bonkers

    This morning driving though a village at about 10mph when RA starts flashing SLOW DOWN at me and tells me I am doing 205mph! :eek: Does this once more a few minutes later and indicates 265 mph :confused: but normal service resumes soon after. Anyone else experienced something like that?
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