1. D

    E350 Estate Auto W212 Suspension fault & Bonnet open issue

    Good evening, Having collected my rather stunning MB E350 Estate Auto the jam has been removed from my donut.... I found it sat on its rear arches in the morning and returns to driving height in a staggering 20 seconds 1st issue! Then I opened the bonnet to check out the power centre and...
  2. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) bonnet badge

    I've just purchased a 2006 (pre facelift) E320 Cdi estate. It's my first Merc and I'm loving it so far. However, my wife isn't too keen on the emblem on the front of the bonnet. Is it possible to replace that with the flat badge version? If so, where's the best place to look and are they all of...
  3. S

    W212 Aluminium Bonnet For Sale.

    I have an aluminium bonnet for sale purchased new from Europarts for £345.00 15 months ago. It's in black primer and still in the cardboard delivery carton. Unmarked and purchased for my own car a W212 E350 CDI Saloon. A change of plans means it is now surplus. I live in North Shropshire and...
  4. M

    Upright Star Emblem for Bonnet - CLS

    Hi Does anyone know if its possible to remove the flat Mercedes emblem badge from the bonnet and fit an upright / 3d version to a 2014 CLS? Are they all the same size or do they vary depending on model of merc? I have just recently purchased a CLS after having an E-Class with this type of...
  5. S

    W205 Coupe Bonnet Defect

    I have recently taken delivery of a 2017 W205 Coupe, a few hours after I took delivery I noticed what appeared to be a small dent on bonnet, it is very subtle and only noticeable in specific lighting conditions. The car is a UK model standard right hand drive, the defect is about 10 - 15 down...
  6. optimusprime

    Bonnet Mercedes W124 insulation info

    As above .Just about to order a new insulation cover for the bonnet . Can the aftermarket insulation part equal Mercedes ? Has anyone done there car bonnet ?. .And if so what insulation did you use? [who from ] And if you have replaced it,, what adesive did you used to fit it ..I need to...
  7. F

    C63 AMG Facelift Bonnet W204

    For Sale GENUINE MERCEDES C63 AMG BONNET 2013 for Saloon/Coupe Part Number: A2048801257 Factory Painted: Diamond White Pearl 9799/799 Price: £750 ono Condition: Removed from my vehicle with only 14000 miles, Due to upgrading to a black series bonnet, Like New, No stone Chips or...
  8. M

    Pointed star bonnet emblem

    Hello forum friends... My 2015 E350 has a flat bonnet badge in the 44mm bonnet recess. I want to replace it with an upright bonnet star. The current flat badge is held tight beneath the bonnet by a spring clip which is dead easy to squeeze together and lift the badge out. Does anyone know...
  9. F

    C63 507 Bonnet Conversion

    Hi All, I am looking to have my bonnet converted to a 507 bonnet, I have contacted a few places including two of my local MB Dealers who seem a bit confused for some odd reason about carrying this work out. Both say they are unable to do this? I have also contacted Projex who have quite a...
  10. G

    OE Bonnet Badge for A B SL SLK etc

    Genuine Mercedes bonnet badge for W169 W245 R203 R171 and many others (please check your existing one for compatibility). This is the type that simply pushes in, with two vertically (in relation to the star) positioned pins, without the locking part underneath. It is in absolutely as new...
  11. D

    Bonnet badge

    I've run a search but couldn't find the answer... Can I replace the recessed badge on the bonnet of my R172 with the standup 'Mercedes star' badge?
  12. brucemillar

    Bonnet Release Cable(s)

    Friends Readers will know about my recent disaster with the bonnet release on my C55 Wagon! Can somebody advise please? The car is a 2004 W203 C55 AMG Wagon I want top replace all of the cables and associated bits, from both catches back too and including, the (in car) release lever. I need...
  13. chubbs111

    wanted w209 bonnet

    wanted w209 bonnet in 744 brilliant silver,pref undamaged
  14. brucemillar

    W203 Bonnet Jammed Closed

    Folks Working on my W203 today and the bonnet slammed on my maintenance battery charger, which was sat just behind the slam panel. Disaster!! Now the bonnet is completely closed and the release handle (inside the car) will not release it. I have had my wife pulling the release handle inside...
  15. G

    New MB Bonnet Badge

    Anyone else, with a black car presumably, considering swapping their existing dark blue / navy bonnet star (the flat one) for the new Mercedes black one? I always felt the blue badge, on an otherwise monochrome car, looked a tad out of place ...
  16. J

    A barbecue under the bonnet

    Hello all, A couple of years ago I saved a 1991 230CE auto from the back of a scrapyard bound transit. Apparently it had a knackered gearbox. After £300 changed hands it was dumped on my driveway and remained there for 2 years until the neighbours confronted me with pitchforks and...
  17. M

    Bonnet jammed shut W(C) 124 230CE

    I recently pulled the bonnet release latch inside me C124, it responded with a 'twang!' and now the release isn't engaging with any cable. I'm guessing the cable is snapped or has become disengaged in some way.... Essentially the bonnet is now stuck shut. I'd like to get the bonnet open (since...
  18. I

    W124 facelift bonnet swap - must change lenses, too!

    Hi All, I've just swapped my '91 bonnet on a coupe to a '94 shape from an estate. Two things. Firstly, the estate washer bottle is on the other side and feeds from the other side - the coupe has a complicated water junction. Pipe lengthening soon. Secondly the light lenses are shaped to...
  19. BarryWhitt

    New car today from dealer and a scratch on the bonnet!

    On collection of our new car today we were informed there was a scratch on the bonnet, (about one inch long) they have said they will try and sort it out next week and if they can't they will respray the whole bonnet. My only concern is that in a few years time will the wings match the bonnet...
  20. C

    W210 bonnet cable part number?

    Hi all, as per the title, Can someone please tell me the part number of the bonnet release cable of W210? Can't open the bonnet and (luckily) 1 latch won't close due to the cable not retracting far enough. Is there a separate cable that goes between the 2 latches? If so can I have that part...
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