1. rossy

    Boo Hoo, Time as come to Sell much loved S500

    Well I don't want to but simply can not afford to run 3 Up for sale is my RARE S500 LWB extreamly high spec Merc... I'm the 2nd owner and it has full merc History bar last service... All Work that it has needed has been done by main dealer or Indi Merc (M Star) Only 92k Gen...
  2. Koolvin

    D19 Boo

    saw this purple designo C36 (seen it a few times before) but this time I had an encounter with it..... he had some serious MODS! I cut him up in his lane to get his attention.... and then we talked while cruising... I asked him to pull over in the lay by and we talked for ages... BOO had 2...
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