1. D

    donations booked and collected from home by british heart foundation

    this includes furniture clothing cars electrical goods for sale in the shops and they collect from home direct to book a collection
  2. P

    Booked remap

    Getting my C remapped on Wednesday morning by Quantum Tuning at home. Looking forward to the extra power..... Anyone got any experience with their own C220 Blue 170 being remapped, before and after effects???? Will post difference once done.....:thumb:
  3. BenzedUP

    Remap Booked

    Booked my Remap with MSL for the 24th of Jan for my C204 C350 Coupe. I was told i'd be looking at 15-20hp gain. I'm looking forward to putting the car on the dyno before&after to see the results! Counting already!:D Will let you guys know how it goes. Happy Xmas everyone:thumb...
  4. E270 Owner

    Im booked up :)

    BBC News - Flying a vintage World War Two German plane
  5. ScottBacon

    Booked in for 1st service - so far so bad !!

    So I turned up at Derby MB this morning for my cars 1st service. Without going into the long story telling of the exact conversation i'll just summarise : My car reg not right (something with 61 reg quoted) My car model not right (A class) Advised of my 'quotation' of £310 for the service...
  6. moff

    C63 First Service Booked

    My car is booked in for Service A and I will have done just under 12,000 (amazing) miles. Phoned a couple of dealers, Nottingham MB quoted £319 all in and Lincoln £350, since Nottingham is closer I am booked in there. Lincoln charge £30 for a courtesy car!!! £319 still seems pricey given that...
  7. S

    Live tune @ west-tuning booked in :)

    Hi Guys, Had a call back from Ray this morning, and happy to report that he had a slot free next Wednesday, so I'm taking the day off and heading down there to see what can be done. This is where we get to find out if my intake mods and secondary delete actually hindered or helped...
  8. mymini007

    Booked to go to Egypt oooops!

    Booked to go to Sharm el Sheikh back in January :fail Now the wife has got the heebie jeebies about going, which I totally understand. We are now playing chicken with the foreign office to see if they pull everyone out, if so we get a refund, if not we have to play £200 to transfer to...
  9. M

    Booked in for a TERRACLEAN

    So, I decided to book my car in for a terraclean. Has any one had any experience of this. I've found a place in slough who does it for £99. It's booked in for tomorrow will keep you guys posted.
  10. R

    British Grand Prix Tickets booked :0

    Every now and then I go to the Friday of the British Grand Prix in order to enjoy the noise and the occasion. I prefer to watch the race on TV as you can follow all the little incidents, but I am Very excired and can't wait :). Lets hope it's dry....
  11. D

    Booked in at Independant

    Had issues of late - Lights on dash ABS/BAS and gearbox not changing correctly . Changed brake light switch known to solve a god few issues but not this time . Took in today for a quick diagnosis and it seems i have a speed sensor problem that could be the sensor or the pick up ring on...
  12. P

    Booked in for a 4 wheel alignment

    I've booked in for a 4 wheel alignment tomorrow and new front tyres. I had new rears last year and have decided to change the fronts now. I have the usual C Class outer edge tyre wear, so thought it might be a good time to check the alignment. I found somewhere locally using...
  13. Alps

    Booked car in for a few problems......

    got a few little problems mounting up on the car over the last few months. - Keyless go handle, drivers side - TPMS stopped working - sensor - near side wing miror dipping problem - passenger dynamic seat de-activates after 10 mins Brake related, maybe all the same problem? - Check...
  14. CE230

    I've booked a cruise

    CLICK should be fun
  15. Gareth

    Just booked mine in at WheelsInMotion

    Well after last year having 2 new ContactSport 2's fitted at the rear and having tracking done at a local garage, 10,000 miles later and as was I suspecting to be the case has indeed happened, the so called tracking the local garage fixed has had no effect on the car whatsoever, the offside...
  16. columb

    Need to re-sell booked cruise! Help please!

    Hi, Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to change dates for our honeymoon trip :confused: Shame as we have already paid for the cruise and as it's only 4 weeks to go, we can't cancel it! Is anyone looking for a bargain? We were told that only way to get some money back would be to sell...
  17. crockers

    I'm sure Assyst knows when I have booked a service.

    Had a service April 2008 - indicator showing 1200 miles to go for the A service. So I thought that's over a year and I would prefer to get it done sooner rather than later - so I called up Mercedes and booked it in for it's A service this Monday coming - the 15th. This afternoon I pop out to...
  18. Gareth

    Booked the car in

    Just booked the car in to have some things sorted: Rear light pod, ambient light level buttons do sweet FA. Passenger side mirror doesn't auto-dim Mirrors VERY noisy when folding (I know not necessarily a fault but they may do something useful with them) End-of-warranty health check Hoping...
  19. W

    Booked into George Fraser Today - First Visit!

    Bought a second car last friday - a 190E 2.3-16 cosworth. :bannana: Booked it into George Fraser for a good check over/service. Basically to check over the top end (valve clearances/timing chain tension etc) It is a bit of a journey for me (Hampton Court - Alperton) but I am hoping it will be...
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