1. clk320x

    Boot lock

    My boot lock turns freely as I often lubricate it with WD40 However when it is turned 90 degree in neither position does it actually trigger the boot to be openable. It only unlocks and locks via key.. not a bad thing.. but I'd like the manual lock to work... Thanks Abs
  2. A

    Boot Lock Options

    Hello all, I've got my lovely w202 sport cdi, the boot lock wont lock either on the central locking or with the key (no turn) I followed the instructions on taking it all apart and re greasing (i let it soak for 2 days) and unfortunately this hasn't solved the problem. Part of me is...
  3. AngryDog

    W211 rear Mercedes star for boot, saloon.

    Anyone got one kicking about that they want to sell?
  4. W124ali

    E Class W211 boot lock not working

    Hi I have a 2007 W211 E- Class E320 CDI Sport. The boot handle has stopped working, working only with the key inserted. Someone has said the boot brake light and/or number plate not working has something to do with the handle not working. Could anyone advise what the reason for it not...
  5. L

    boot release

    how do i fix boot release, not working off key or interior button thanks kevin
  6. S

    2005 CLS boot liner

    Anyone got one lying around or know where I can get one?
  7. C

    When I boot it my coolant temp drops on my gauge (c220 2011)

    When I accelerate hard and then coast or slow down to normal speed my coolant temp seems to drop off on the gauge any help would be great I've already changed the thermostat and changed the coolant switchover valve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. T

    w211 estate boot lock parts

    anyone have or know where to get part for boot lock repair, seems a common part to fail but seems impossible to locate part, metal arm within mechanism, thanks
  9. P

    W212 E63 Estate boot divider

    Has anyone bought a boot divider for theW212 facelift estate? I have searched online but can only find W211 or W213 items listed. Need to split the luggage area for dog and other stuff. Prawn.
  10. N

    Need help finding this part (boot related)

    Hi, I've been trying to look for a part which is connected to the boot but I don't know what it is called (picture below). I don't have any power to the boot by the lock, it can only open by the key. Does any one know what this part is called or where I can find one? Don't have a scrap yard...
  11. N

    E Class Rubber Boot Tray

    Hi, I have a rubber boot tray for an e class that I used up until I gave the car as a part ex. Great way to protect the carpet lining. Has been lying in the garage for a while now. £55 plus collection from Leicester or buyer can arrange the delivery (due to the size of the item) Will upload a...
  12. J

    Help Boot Warning light keeps flashing W208 CLK Convertable

    Hi New to site New to Mercedes too. I have bought a CLK convertable with a few problems but lately the boot warning light keeps flashing whilst driving and for some reason the alarm seem to activate a short while after locking. Can any one help ??
  13. T

    S211 boot won't lock shut

    On my s211 E320 went to close boot earlier, pressed button and it closes ok but instead of pulling last bit closed and locking it just opens again, closing by hand it won't lock down either, it did make a funny clicking kind of sound when it opened, any suggestions what problem could be? Cheers
  14. B

    172 boot separator

    Boot separator for 171/172 as new condition no marks on it. Please message for pictures £80 collected can arrange for courier at extra expense 07766330630 thanks for looking
  15. B

    230 boot separator

    Brand new Sl 230 boot separator bought but not required ideally collection but courier can be arranged comes with fitting kit please tx for pics as iv got them on my phone. £150 retail almost £300 07766330630 regards
  16. D

    300 sel restoration for the brave with private plate to boot

    Mercedes 300 SEL Gold Petrol 2778 cc Restoration or Spares 1968 | eBay
  17. O

    Please help w211 estate boot problems

    Hi there ladies and gents i need your help. Ive got a w211 e320 avantgarde estate and im having problems with my boot. I always use the remote release and auto open on the key fob and lately it has been hit and miss as to if it opens the latch or not (I can always hear the pump working to open...
  18. PaulXC

    E Class Cabrio Boot Drainage Channels

    I noticed this over the weekend - bit of muck and slightly damp round the boot hinges. I thought I’d cleaned this area thoroughly when I bought the car but turns out the drainage channel under the plastic cover was blocked. The picture below is the left side - the right side was far...
  19. markjay

    W204 bits: Audio20 & Display, Instrument Cluster Fascia, Boot Handle Trim, Switch Bar

    These are items removed from my W204 Facelift (MY 2013) by when retrofitting various options to my car. They will eventually go on eBay, posting them here first in case any forum members need one or more of these parts. Pictures to follow....
  20. lxi

    R230 roof / boot lift failure

    My boot hydraulic lift has been a bit iffy for some time - works fine most of the time (opening) and all of the time (closing). So, with the weather brilliant, it decides not to play (opening) at all. That also means the roof wont play either. My keyless driver's handle is u/s - passengers...
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