1. D

    New C class, paint crack on bootlid. Thoughts?

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar. Car is just over a month old, spotted the problem when washing it the other day. It's on the bootlid, apperas to start underneath the chrome trim, right where the panel folds for the numberplate recess. Small vertical crack in the paint...
  2. M

    W202 C280 sport bootlid replacement

    Hi, the bottom of my c280 bootlid is rusting around the lock. Probably not too much of a job to repair, but seen as the local breakers yard has a silver (same colour) car breaking and there are a few being broken locally, was wondering if it would be easier to replace the bootlid? After a quick...
  3. DanMorgan

    W210 Bonnet and Bootlid

    After the a W210 Bonnet and Bootlid in this black(ish) colour Cheers, Dan
  4. A

    Wanted: W124 Coupe boot/trunk lid

    Has to be rust free and from an facelift model with the plastic insert. Seller should be abel to arrange shipping to Stockholm, Sweden. If You have one and You are abel to to go the extra mile with shipping, please email me as I cant use the PM facility. Send your offer to alar @
  5. V

    Water in bootlid

    Just wondered if anyone else has experienced the boot lid filling with water on their E class coupe. There is only one drain hole and it has a rubber plug in it so simple cure but why plug a drain hole?
  6. M

    2004 W211, my bootlid is also leaking..

    Anyone who knows where to find these 'W211 Technical Service Bulletins': P-88_50-32 AUG 03 Body - Water Drips Into trunk With Trunk Lid Open P-61_10-02 AUG 03 Body - Water leaks Into Trunk Taken from this page.
  7. Kerja

    w204 bootlid chrome bit removal guide

    Found on a russian forum, might be good for anyone planning to take it apart. As I got stuck myself trying to locate the hidden screws. How to remove and replace bootlid plastic cover
  8. B

    Merc CLC Bootlid and rear Bumper AMG sport

    As title am selling these as project to convert old c class coupe to make new clc class. There is slight damage but nothing mojor see pictures. Looking for about £75 bumper and £60 for bootlid also have 3rd brake light seperate for £30 thanks!! Bumper has all inside panels and diffusor
  9. M

    W202 estate bootlid

    Hi, I am looking for a good w202/s202 estate bootlid in black if possible, I was offered one awhile ago for £25! At a scrappers.... (I should have snapped it up!) Cheers
  10. R

    Bootlid Opening Problem

    another problem with the c180. basically when I open the door locks with the key fob the bootlid keeps opening. also this happens when I lock the car and sometimes happens when I lock the car from the inside using the in-car switch. what could the problem be coz its so annoying :devil:
  11. C

    3rd Bootlid Brake Light

    I have a 2004 CLK, and unfortunately, the rubber seal at the top of the brake light came away, and i can only assume water got in and now not all the led's light up. Im looking at replacing/fixing this as it spoils the overall look of the car IMO. Any advice on how to repair this? Or where i can...
  12. Alps

    w211 Power Bootlid gone mad

    The Power bootlid function has always been a bit hit and miss, sometimes didnt shut properly and opened halfway when shutting, sometimes needed a hand shutting completely . When at one of the cars shows my bootlid started to get a bit over excited and started opening and shutting at twice the...
  13. artyman

    W204 Bootlid

    Wanted W204 Bootlid, preferably in silver but any colour considered.
  14. artyman

    Bootlid for a W204

    How much is a bootlid for a W204 C class, mine was attacked by the end of a railing and I don't think it can be sorted by Paintless dent removal.
  15. Y

    WANTED! CLK 230K 2001 bootlid

    has anyone got or know where I can get my hands on a silver bootlid for my CLK?
  16. Prash87

    Which aftermarket W204 Bootlid Spoiler is this?

    I have found this pic on the net I couldn't identify this Spoiler with any of the well known Aftermarket Tuner, does anybody of you guys know who did this spoiler? Thanks
  17. E

    W203 C32 estate rattling tailgate / bootlid

    Folks, a little advice please. Te tailgate on my c32 estate has always been a little rattly. I pulled the trim from the lip and moved the lock ("loop"/ Hasp/ striker) in about 3mm. It made a difference and I left it at that. However a couple of people in the car grumbling inspired me to take...
  18. G

    bootlid soft-close operation...

    Hello, I wonder if anybody could tell me if the soft close function on the w215 CL or S class' pulls the boot lid down from the rear of the car (so just on the latch) or if it for example pulls the whole lid down, evenly at the same time thanks in advance alex
  19. ICY75

    W210 E240 Bootlid

    Does the bootlid have differences for pre facelift and post facelift ? I have bad corrosion so need to find a new bootlid to replace mine but want to make sure I dont end up buying the wrong shape ;) Thanks
  20. Rayza

    W204 Bootlid Spoiler

    Hi All, Just joined this great forum today as have ordered my 1st MB (details in the introduction section). I am debating whether to have the MB bootlid spoiler (colour coded) after it has arrived. Has anyone had this or are there any pictures out there for me to look at. What do you guys...
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