1. T

    MB Specialist Oxon/Gloucs border

    Can anyone recommend a good MB specialist for classic MB work in the Cotswolds or Oxfordshire
  2. Herishi

    members near essex suffolk border

    Guys Was thinking about maybe a meet at a pub every other week on a week day evening. Nothing special just a chance to meet all the local members. Any one up for it? Steve
  3. developer

    UK Border Agency Gets Tough

    Tenant goes for (usual) monthy visit to UKBA office in Solihull, having applied for asylum. One hour to make calls to solicitor and landlord. Not allowed to return to property to collect anything. Moved to (as yet) unknown deportation centre for 24 hrs max. Deported tomorrow. Gone.
  4. P

    Indi Merc Specs near Berwick Upon Tweed - East coast scottish border ?

    Really need an indie I can trust to do good honest work for a fair price. I live in the scottish borders (northumberland - mid point between Newcastle and Ediburgh - Hawick to the West). Can anyone suggest someone who can care for my E 320 CDI auto estate :confused:
  5. M

    Norfolk / Suffolk Border GTG

    I am looking to host a GTG in Oulton Broad close to Lowestoft before the end of the summer. A local publican has offered me the use of his car park on a Sunday of my choice for the event. Please could you give me some dates that would suit you best. The venue is very close to...
  6. DarrenG

    Recommend an Independent, Surrey/Hants border?

    My 99 CLK320 is well overdue for a service and needs a replacement steering damper, a squeak from the steering and an auto box that is reluctant to change up some times looking at. Can anyone recommend an Indie near me (Fleet, Hampshire) that they can recommend? TIA
  7. Godot

    Just for North of the Border, for now ?

    Surcharge Cards :eek: As part of a drive to ensure that every citizen carries a card, the Scottish Government has decided to introduce Surcharge Cards, as from April 1st. Many Scots are entitled to a variety of concessions, allowances and discounts, including free travel for pensioners...
  8. Single650

    Beds Cambs border independents

    Apologies if this has already been posted - I did search but didn't turn up anything. Cna anyone reccomend an independent in the Potton , Biggleswade area of Beds. I'm both new to the area and to MB Thanks
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