1. 219

    Borders Railway Opening soon .

    The new Borders Railway is due to open on the 5th September and then officially by HM The Queen on the 9th . From the 10th , and for six weeks there are going to be special steam hauled trains ( by 60009 Union of South Africa ) over the 30 mile track - ticket details below . SPECIAL STEAM...
  2. Timster

    Borders Vintage Automobile Club - lauder, next weekend Anyone else going? Taking my car mad 2 1/2 year old son- think he will love it. Quite excited myself.
  3. Z

    New from Wilts/Dorset borders

    Hi all, steve here. Proud but hitherto neglectful owner of w124 3.2 cabrio. Here seeking advice on most economical way to replace roof, fix isolated rust/scuffs, repair auto-seatbelt mech etc.
  4. S

    Touring: Ayrshire and the Borders

    Friday night was immense, my mate, his Mrs and I ate a massive amount of curry, ice cream. Kebabish on Victoria Road comes very highly recommended and Tchaivona in Glasgows West End does too for Shisha and tea. Anyway we hatched a plan for a tour and as the night was glorious we thought we'd be...
  5. K

    Indies in Scottish Borders

    Can anyone recommend a good independent Mercedes garage in the Scottish Borders?
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