1. MB-tex

    Need to borrow W124 hub bush install tool.

    Hi all Anyone got the tool that presses in the bush in the rear knuckle to which the lower control arm attaches? I need to borrow one quick! I have been pressing in and out lots of bushes recently with mixed results but these look like they are beyond my basic technique and huge old press...
  2. P

    Anyone have a DA polisher near B'Ham I can borrow?

    Hi all Would like to get the scratches etc out of my car this weekend, but cant really afford to buy one. Does anyone have one they would be prepared to lend me? Cheers
  3. A

    Can I borrow your Viseeo software cable ? (nr. Glossop)

    Hi, I've just purchased a used Viseeo MB-3 from eBay. A bit of a gamble and it appears as yet to have not paid off :(. The device struggles to maintain a Bluetooth connection, and I'm wondering if it's because it hasn't got the latest software installed on it. Unfortunately the seller on...
  4. Lipsylee

    gearbox dipstick for clk320 2003 I can borrow near Ashford Middlesex please ???

    Hello is there any fellow members on here that can lend me a gearbox dipstick level checker please . My mechanic is replacing gearbox this Monday and I forgot to buy one . I'm in Ashford Middlesex . Thanks lipsylee
  5. trapperjohn

    On the cadge for a borrow please.

    Evening All, Im helping a friend do up a boat and we are in need of a short term loan of a 10 tonne trolly jack. Would anyone be able to loan me said jack or similar tonnage for a few days sometime this month please. Naturally I will collect and return the jack. A sixty mile radius round...
  6. Mrhanky

    Dont borrow my AMG and complain about the MPG

    My father went away for five days and borrowed my E55K as he wanted to feel special (his words not mine). He dropped it back today and all he did was complain how bad the economy was. I mean who on earth would knowingly borrow a super charged 5.4 litre car and not expect naff mpg. No doubt he...
  7. T

    Anyone have a 16" W211 wheel I can borrow?

    My car has a slight vibration that's proving difficult to track down. I'd like to eliminate (or preferably implicate) a very slightly warped alloy as the culprit. Unfortunately, the main speed at which the vibration shows is above the limit for the space saver spare I have. Long shot, but does...
  8. X

    Need to borrow a rear driverside rear light to pass MOT

    Not sure if anyone can help? Just recently returned from Germany and went to get my car MOT'd, sadly it failed because the fog light is situated on the wrong side. The rear lights were swapped for the newer LED type last year whilst I was in Germany, my old rear lights are in transit with the...
  9. ShinyF1

    Dad can I borrow your car?

    Doesn't say what model but a funny story... BBC News - Runaway 13-year-old boy drives across Europe
  10. poormansporsche

    anyone got a "male" split rim socket / spline i can borrow ?????

    Like it says, I know you can get the female split rim sockets on eBay for pennies but I need the male 10 point 8mm spline version which is not available anywhere apart from Germany which costs $$$$$ and is currently out of stock Anyone Cheers Brett
  11. Alps

    Anyone have a Riveter i can borrow?

    Plea for help guys I have about x12 6mm steel rivets that i need to put in for my current modding project, all the cheapo tools seem to be 4.8mm max, anyone know of any tools (sub £30) which i can buy or even if i can borrow one in the colchester area. I always buy tools when doing jobs...
  12. Mike Walker

    I need to borrow a garage for 1/2 a day

    Garage at home is full of daughters stuff as she is currently in Argentina:confused: I want to wash, clay bar , polish the car in the dry before winter arrives and need somewhere to do it. Was hoping someone reasonably local - South East London/North Kent - might have no kids at home and a...
  13. Supacool1

    Borrow spring compressors-Hampshire area

    As above for my Eibach spring change on the wagon. Anyone that can help I can offer free back rubs ( for girls only, Giddity! ) :bannana: Supa:cool:
  14. James Rothwell

    Can I borrow some money please?

    I hope I'm not the only person who has a really hankering for one of these
  15. Mike Walker

    Need to borrow a garage with pit / hydraulic ramp....

    Would like to treat under car structural sections with anti rust spray before winter if poss so loan of the above would be very helpful. Any offers in Kent /South East?? Will give you various Jeremy Clarkson books in return......:o or David Beckham autobiog too:bannana:
  16. PJayUK

    My wife wants to borrow the SClass!!

    My dear wife has a girls night out planned tomorrow night with a few of her girlfriends, as she's on the wagon at the moment she's offered to drive. Good plan I though until she mentioned that "I might take them in style and use the SClass!" :eek: She's not driven it much and I must admit to...
  17. W210 Fan

    wanting to borrow a welder

    Guys, or maybe ladies, Does anybody have a welder, stick (arc) prefered in the Farnham, Surrey area that I can borrow to finish a small job? Mark,
  18. Gucci

    Where does the UK borrow money from?

    (sorry, just in the middle of a conversation with my father-in-law)...the UK is a wealthy country, as is the US, and yet in debt...who are we in debt to? :confused: Where does that borrowed money come from?
  19. M

    Anyone got a "gansta" car we can borrow

    We need some proper wheels for tomorrow night to complete our outfits!:devil: Jay? De_Godfather? Anyone......?
  20. L

    Mercedes Fit Wheels - ANY to borrow

    Hey all Does anyone, has to be in the South-West, Devon or Cornwall have any Mercedes wheels I can borrow. My AMG's need refurbishment which I'm going to do myself, as I've done quite a few sets now.. Trouble is, I have nothing to sit the car on whilst I do it. She'll be in my garage, not...
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