1. M

    E200 CDI O2 Oxygen Lambda Sensor - Mercedes / Bosch Part number?

    I have got an error indicating: Error: O2 Sensor circuit slow response Bank 1 Sensor 1 (Upstream / Pre-cat) signal rate of change below threshold. Anyone able to assist me with getting the Mercedes / Bosch part number please? Vehicle details: 2011 E200 CDI (no stop / start) Chassis...
  2. ftb

    Intercooler pump: Bosch 10 or what?

    What's the verdict on this please? My I/C pump appears dead. Where is the best place to buy and is Bosch 10 better than competition? Thanks.
  3. merc69man

    Bosch Fuel Distributor 0438 101 012

    Hi everyone, I own a 190e 2.6 and I have stripped down the fuel distributor to replace the seals and diaphram and on dismantling it I found that the filter which goes on the metering barrel tube has a hole in it. Does anyone have one of these filters or know where I might be able to get one...
  4. merc69man

    Bosch Fuel Distributor 04380 101 012

    Hi everyone, I own a 190e 2.6 and I have stripped the fuel distributor to replace the seals and diaphram. On taking it apart the metering barrel tube has a filter around it and mine has a hole in it. Does anybody have a filter or know where I might be able to buy one. I have tried a lot of...
  5. clk320x

    Bosch Brakes

    All 4 of my brake discs ideally need replacement Inspected them today and are forming a lip... Had a look on ECP, with discount codes I can get Bosch discs all round (these are the most expensive front discs they offer and second most expensive rears) off for £153.. (see SC below)...
  6. V

    W212 Bosch Front Brake Discs (Pair) BD1301 0986479407 Worth £150!

    Originally bought for a Mercedes E220 W212 estate but since sold the vehicle so these are surplus to requirement. Never fitted and brand spanking new. They are quite heavy hence the postage cost. They'll set you back about £150 if bought from a motor factors, but willing to sell for £70 and...
  7. B

    PMS ignition Module Siemens / Bosch in W124 E200 1995 M111 Engjne

    Hola seniors and to all Merc owners I need to understand what is the main function of PMS system in some of the W124 series/years. And what are other components related to this PMS unit. How to ensure life of this PMS unit prolong and dont's. Is PMS better than HFM equipped...
  8. nickjonesn4

    Bosch Aerotwin

    If anyone is looking for very good replacement wiper blades for E55k then these are just the ticket. Silent and much better than OEM at clearing the screen. 2 min job to fit too - highly recommended
  9. jimiE55

    Bosch 010 best price from uk?

    Hi, Does anyone know what the best price i can pick up a Bosch 010 pump in the uk is. I know they can be ordered in from the states for around £100 mark, just thought i'd fire the question in case anyone knew to save time with delivery. I believe the code is 0392022010? Thanks Jimbo
  10. Lenny63

    Anyone have a new spare Bosch 010 IC pump ?

    To save ordering from US
  11. HughJarse

    Bosch Front Discs - Help with Price

    I need new discs... could someone please tell me are these the same parts as the price is considerably different. Its for a W204 and I need the drilled sport ones. BOSCH Brake Disc High-carbon Painted Perforated (0 986 479 331) buy cheap online | Car PartsRetailer Thanks in advance
  12. RH2013

    Bosch lawnmower

    Had garden landscaped. No longer needed. £35 collect from Loughborough area.
  13. RyanMuller

    C32 W203 Bosch Intercooler Pump, Intercooler & Pulley

    Hello all, I recently upgraded some parts for the C32 and have the originals left over in perfect working condition. Would anybody be interested in these parts? Was hoping on £100 for the lot but open to offers. The intercooler pump alone is only 6 months old and cost £120 new. I also...
  14. robthebubble

    Bosch or Mercedes OEM wiper blades?!?!

    So my W204 wiper blades are starting to smear so me thinks they need replacing. Should I go for Mercedes OEM or a set of Bosch ones from (or similar website). Are the merc ones made by Bosch anyway?!?!? Cheers Rob
  15. Hawkwind

    CLK320 Spark Plugs and Bosch Leads

    Changed the spark plugs and leads today, all twelve of them! Top tip for anyone thinking of doing this job themselves, is to get one of your children to do it! :D The clearances are tiny so it took me about 3 hours to do all of them, small hands would be an advantage. Seriously though, I used...
  16. vijilants

    W202 C230K Bosch Lambda Sensor

    For Sale, W202 C230K Bosch Lambda Sensor. Brand new and in the box. (May fit other models)...Bosch part no 710221285 Yours for £30 plus £5 P & P or collect from SE19 New £63....see link...Bosch Mercedes-Benz | Euro Car Parts UK?s No.1 Car Parts Retailer
  17. ChrisEdu

    Bosch wiper blades (A949S)

    Halfords are selling these for £5 a pair! Just got a couple of packs for my S211.
  18. B

    12x Bosch FR7KPP Spark plugs

    Hi, I have 12 x Bosch FR7KPP33U+ spark plugs. They were for my 2007 V12 but prob fit many others. Brand new in the box, 10 are in the grey packing complete box and other 2 are in blue box. All same part numbers cost me £60 looking for £40
  19. MercedesDriver

    Bosch washing machine - no lights???

    Guys I need an advise please. My BOSCH VARIO PERFECT washing machine doesn't show any sign of life. :dk: When I want to turn it on no lights come on, nothing. Machine is new but because I bought it from an unofficial dealer as an ex display model it came without Bosch warranty. :wallbash: I...
  20. optimusprime

    Bosch plugs HR 78

    Hi these plugs i have are Bosch HR 78 they were sold to me for my Mercedes 260e .But after fitting them ,i found out that they are not any good in my M103 engine . So i was told on the forum .. I had no problem with them . They should have none resistor plugs fitted .After checking the bosch...
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