1. Flyinspanner

    Bose Amp Repairer?

    Hi y'all The Bose amp on my W215 CL500 appears to have failed It blew the fuse in the rear fuse box, though it's own internal fuse was fine. There is a dead short from the power line in terminal to the earth terminal. I'm assuming it's the 12v in step down to the pcb board supply, so...
  2. D

    CLK 208 cabriolet Bose

    Evening I have no sound coming out of my bose sound system even though the head unit seems to function ok Does anyone know where the bose amp is on a clk convertible? Any other tips on maybe how to restore some tunes? Thank you very much
  3. dotmikes

    How to: Clk w208 230k bose install ?

    hi there, isit possible to install the bose system into my clk 230k 2001 ? if so... what do i need to change or do ? Thanks, Mike
  4. M.Khalid

    CLK W209 Basic Sound to Bose Sound System

    Hi All! I have acquired a 2006 CLK 280 Sports Convertible and I find that the sound system of this one is not as good as I was expecting... I used to have a 2007 C220 CDI Sports with COMAND APS (the SatNav Screen that comes out of the dashboard) and the sound system was great! The CLK I own...
  5. W

    R230, Wiring an After-Market Amplifier into the BOSE Speakers

    Hi, I had asked this question in a slightly different context before, but sadly received no replies. Worth another shot perhaps ... I am fitting an after market head unit into my 2005 SL350 and also replacing the BOSE Amp with a 5-Channel JL HD900/5 Amp. I have received some (limited) advice...
  6. andyjamess

    W208 Comand Stereo Upgrade With BOSE.

    Hi all. As the title suggests I have just upgraded my Comand 2.0 in my W208 320 to a Pioneer SPH-DA100 Appradio but I didn't use the (I forget the name) box of tricks. I decided I would go the cigarette lighter route as it meant less wires running here and there. I was going to run a...
  7. C

    Bose system in 2001 C220 cdi

    Hello there I have just acquired a 2001 C220 cdi Avantgarde Estate which has a disconnected Bose sound system. I understand from the previous owner that the problem is the amplifier and the number on the unit is 203 820 15 89 and it has a purple plug socket. The only amps I can find are...
  8. W

    R230 BOSE Amplifier Wiring Code - Amplifier Replacement

    2005 R230 - Wiring Diagram or Wiring Code for BOSE Amplifier Replacement Hi, I am starting a project on my 2005 SL350 (R230) to replace the BOSE Amplifier plus Head Unit where I would like to receive advice from other members (who may have done such a job in the past) concerning wiring...
  9. P

    Question about Bose amplifier in W203

    Hello fellas. I have Mercedes W203 facelift with normal audio. I find Bose speaker /front, rear and subwoofer/. I mount the speaker without subwoofer because i not have a amplifier. But those days i find the amplifier but its from W202 and my question is, can you use this amplifier with my W203...
  10. lordlee

    R230 Door speaker replacement - not BOSE

    Hi All, I am removing the door cards on the SL as I'm having some hydro-dipping done. Whilst I have them off I'm considering upgrading the speakers. As I understand it there are 8" bass drivers 4" mids and tweeters. There is a shallow mounting depth for the OEM 8" driver. Mid and tweeter are...
  11. L

    For Sale: Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Brand New Black with Case

    Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Mobile Speaker, Brand New Black with Nylon Case Incredible sound from this portable speaker will blow all the competition out of the water! I use a soundlink mini which is a little bit smaller & quieter but is equally as impressive! - Try them yourself at Currys /...
  12. HughSurrey

    Command2 / bose upgrade

    The end goal I am looking for is to have a system in my car which allows me to play cd/ mp3, have navigation and blue tooth. I have the command system and bose upgrade fitted to my W209 CLK and, having read any number of posts on here, it would appear that I am pretty much humped from an...
  13. JamesRan

    W220 Bose Speaker Cover - how do I remove?

    I'm struggling to remove the passenger door speaker cover - would anyone have an idea? It need to be removed so I can clean it. Some people are telling me I'd need to remove the entire door panel, but some are saying I can unscrew the screw underneath, and then carefully pop it out. I don't want...
  14. The _Don

    Bose sie2 sport headphones

    A friend is selling these new in a sealed box Retail £110 selling for £55 Bose sie2 sports headphones green colour
  15. H

    Bose Subwoofer
  16. H

    Bose Amp

    I'm Selling my Bose Amp out of my Clk 55 2003 (Fiber optic input) also selling my command 2.0 Nav unit with cd changer, check them out on ebay. Mercedes Bose Amplifer | eBay Mercedes Nav Unit Command 2.0 | eBay i have under priced them!!! need them gone
  17. H

    Command 2.0 Bose amp

    From my clk55 amg 2003 Command 2.0 unit with navi With 6 disc CD changer with aux in Also for sale is the factory Bose amplifier with connector plug Selling these items due to full audio upgrade Perfect condition Comes with nav CD Perfect upgrade for any stock merc from...
  18. M

    Bose or Harman Kardon?

    Hey, The sound in my clk 08 reg is amazing, was wondering what make of speakers Bose or Harman Kardon?
  19. Deane x

    Playing iPad though Bose stereo in s class

    Hi I want to play the music off my iPad thought my Bose stereo in my s class , I have seen on YouTube a man with a cassette tape with a iPhone adapter on it and it seems to work well , any ideas what I would need or if there is a better way , any help is much appreciated
  20. T3RVO

    S 203 which Audio head(s) have Bose optical output?

    No doubt some of you guys have come across this issue many times before. Originally my 2002 C32 AMG Estate had COMAND and Bose. The COMAND head had long since been thrown away before I bought the car which came with a very poor quality combined navigation/audio head unit. It was one of those...
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